WhatsApp is about to solve its biggest deficiency

Over time, WhatsApp has progressively evolved to become the main communication method that it is today. In recent years we have welcomed functions such as stickers, dark mode or WhatsApp Web, which allows us to use the service from any computer. However, there is a particular problem that the messaging platform has dragged on since its inception. A problem that, however, we do not find on other rival platforms such as Telegram. We are talking, of course, of the ability to transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android (and vice versa).

If, for example, you have been using a Galaxy S21 Ultra and want to transfer your chats to the iPhone 12 Pro that you just bought, you have no choice but to resign. Right now, it’s an impossible mission. And yes, there are tools on the web that promise to transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone, but none of them are official. Therefore, assuming they work properly, their use involves a number of drawbacks.

Fortunately, it seems that this historical deficiency is about to be solved. WABetaInfo, a blog that usually reveals new WhatsApp functions before they are officially presented, has indicated that the North American company is working on the implementation of this option. And, to prove it, attach a screenshot in which you can see how the transfer process between iOS and Android devices would begin.

The ability to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android is not yet available

transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to AndroidSource: WABetaInfo.

The function is currently not active. WABetaInfo, in fact, indicates that there is no estimated release date. However, the aforementioned blog does ensure that the company is giving enough priority to everything related to the possibility of using WhatsApp on various devices – the umbrella under which this expected function is found. The problem, as he clarifies, is that the implementation of all these functions entails a series of structural changes that require the rewriting of various parts of the platform. In other words: it is not a simple or fast process. And much less if we take into account that, at the scale at which WhatsApp operates, failures that could endanger the security or stability of the communications that users maintain through the platform are not allowed.

The possibility of transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone (and vice versa) falls under the same umbrella. The company wants us to be able to use the same account on several devices. And, in order to achieve this, one of the intermediate steps is to enable the transfer of chats from one device to another – regardless of the operating system they have.