Staying ahead and giving users the best experience has become one of the major concerns of platforms like WhatsApp.

And is that in the midst of the confinement, not only consumers discovered new ways to connect with their people of interest remotely, but also many other firms decided to join the instant messaging market as well as videoconferencing.

Increased competition

The urgency to innovate and renew their services to keep the largest number of users and occupy a higher percentage of their time online, which is currently especially high

Projections delivered by eMarketer, indicate that this year there will be more than 2.5 billion app users of this type worldwide, while Visual Capitalist data reveals that more than 41.6 million mobile messages per minute. In these numbers, WhatsApp is the undisputed leader.

From time to time, WhatsApp maintains exponential growth in this market. A study carried out by Telefónica indicates that just between the week of March 9 to 15, WhatsApp traffic grew 698 percent, which means managing 381 Gbs more than usual.

With this in mind, it is not surprising that applications such as Tinder, Zoom or Telegram are seeking to dethrone WhatsApp with various functions, at least in terms of active user time.

A new function arrives

In response, the messaging app owned by Facebook is testing new functions to make the use of its service a unique experience for users and now, everything seems to indicate that it will bet on a new function that, for some time now, has been demanded by its subscribers.

As revealed by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp in its next update could offer its users to permanently mute a group or conversation.

Until now, the mute function only allows you to choose between 8 hours, a week or a year, possibilities that would be fueled by one more that would allow you to permanently hide and silence short chat notifications.

In this way, the new option that the Facebook service is proposing in its beta version would focus precisely on eliminating the time limit. With this, the option to mute the chat for one year would be replaced by the « Always » option.

The importance of this function

Without a doubt this possibility will be very useful for users who daily deal with certain conversations that are of little interest.

However, for brands it could be a challenge. With hundreds of companies now looking to connect with their consumers through this platform, it will be easy for users to feel overwhelmed and although they may be interested in communicating with some of these companies, they will surely not hesitate to silently several of these notifications.

Therefore, so that the coffers do not fall into this possible new category of silence “Always”, they will not only have to send punctual messages that are of interest, but also focus on designing true experiences for their public of interest in the desire to always position themselves as a relevant chat, which users will always want to know about.