WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook fail: the best memes

Global failure of WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook 0:28

(CNN Spanish) – If you had problems with WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook this Friday, you were not the only one.

The most common problems registered by users of the messaging app are that it cannot receive or send messages and that it does not connect, according to DownDetector, a website that records crash reports of popular apps.

WhatsApp, like Instagram, is owned by Facebook.

There were reports of failures from the United States, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, among other Latin American countries.

On Instagram, the failures peaked around 1:30 ET. Users report that they cannot update posts or are offline.

For Facebook, the failures began to be reported in greater volume around 1:20 ET. The problem most reported by users is that the website is crashing.

By 2:30 ET, the failure reports decreased.

The terms Instagram, WhatsApp and Facebook are already on the trending list at this time on Twitter, where users chat about failures, and there is always room for humor.

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