WhatsApp does not work? Can’t see the latest posts on Facebook and Instagram? It is not your connection: the three platforms are down in Spain.

If you have been a long time without being able to write messages on WhatsApp, see the latest photos from Instagram or take a look at the Facebook Stories of your friends, know that it is not a matter of your Internet connection.

As we can see from ComputerHoy.com and as reflected in the DownDetector reports, WhatsApp does not work and Facebook on Instagram is also down in many Spanish cities.

The problems on WhatsApp have started around 1:30 p.m., at which time the reports in DownDetector have exploded. The problem affects both mobile applications and WhatsApp Web and desktop, And as you can see below on the map, the failures affect many cities in our country.

Another of the affected platforms is Instagram, which is also down from approximately 1:30 p.m., and presents a bug map similar to WhatsApp. In this case, the problem is that they do not load the latest publications of the people we follow, and we cannot see the new stories either.

The same goes for Facebook. In DownDetector reports, users complain that they cannot enter the website and cannot log in. Just like on Instagram, new posts don’t load and stories can’t be viewed.

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Given that the three platforms are suffering similar problems from the same time, it is clear that this is some incidence of Facebook. However, the company has not reported any failure, so we do not know exactly what is happening.

If we look at the map of errors reported by users in DownDetector, The countries in which Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp are down are Spain and Portugal. In France and the United Kingdom problems are also beginning to be experienced, although less pronounced.