Now you can make video calls through WhatsApp with up to 50 people at a time and without the need for them to be registered in the Facebook application. Read: Netflix: Don’t use your account? It could be disabled even if you pay

With Messenger Rooms, a function activated until recently by Facebook on its native platforms such as WhatsApp and Messenger, you can invite your friends, colleagues and acquaintances to a video room where everyone can interact at the same time.

Messenger Room. Photo: Screenshot / MyPocket

Access to these Rooms can be done from WhatsApp Web OR the Messenger application on your cell phone and in an easy and simple way you can invite whoever you want and without the need for the guest to be registered on Facebook platforms.

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How to make a video call with Messenger Rooms?

To make a video call through Messenger Rooms and be able to chat with up to 50 people at the same time, what you must do is enter WhatsApp Web or the Messenger application on your mobile device, either tablet or smartphone. Next we will give you the step by step:

Enter WhatsApp Web or the Facebook Messenger application.
 In WhatsApp Web go to the upper left next to your profile picture and click on the three points that appear as a menu. In Mesenger you must go to the option of people that is in the lower right and click on it.
 Select the “Create a room” option.
 You select “try”
 The room will open and your camera will be activated and will give you the option to “share link”, click on that option and start sharing it with whoever you want to enter. You can share this link wherever you want, be it by Facebook, by messages, by WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.
 The moment someone enters the link the video call will start and as they enter the video call will be extended.

You can also select if you want to enter who has the link or only your Facebook friends.

It should be noted that Facebook has not imposed a time limit for video calls so you can talk as long as you want with your loved ones or colleagues.