WhatsApp, how to hide the photos of the app in your gallery

If you are one of those who receives many photos through WhatsApp but you do not like them to be shown in your image gallery, we will tell you how you can hide them, either from a specific chat or all the ones you receive through the messaging application .

And it is that WhatsApp has become a means to solve different situations, whether work or personal, so it is very common that a day you receive hundreds of images that later will no longer be of any use to you.

We tell you how to hide WhatsApp photos in your gallery. Photo: Pixabay How to hide photos from all chats

The steps you must follow to hide the multimedia files that come to you through WhatsApp in your image gallery are:

Open WhatsApp. Click on the three vertical points. Go to Settings. Choose Chats. Look for the Media file visibility option. Disable this option.

By activating this option, you will ensure that all the photos that reach you in the messaging application remain hidden in your gallery.

How to hide those of a specific chat

Now, if you want to hide the photos of a specific chat, the steps you must follow are:

Open WhatsApp on your phone. Find the chat you want to hide the photos from. Click on the name of the contact or name of a group chat. Go to the visibility of multimedia files section. Click No in the window.

It is important to mention that this function only applies to phones that have Android. This can also be a good way of not storing all the photos in your gallery, which may ultimately not be relevant to save.

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