WhatsApp: How much truth and myth are in the new terms?

When knowing that WhatsApp will implement new Terms and conditions of use, what They will go into effect on February 8, began to circulate a lot of misleading information about how will he user data management of the instant messaging platform.

This is because the main changes in the application lie in « the service and how we treat your data », in « How businesses can use Facebook’s hosted services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats » and « How we partner with Facebook to offer integrations into Facebook companies’ products », as reported by the app itself.

This sparked speculation about how WhatsApp would share data with Facebook companies. User warnings agree that these changes to the app’s use policies makes it possible to monitor or spy on them, something that came out to deny the instant messaging platform, as well as other myths that have spread in recent days.

Myths about the new WhatsApp usage policies

The following points detail what it will not happen with the new terms. Is about speculations, already clarified by the app.

Facebook, including your companies, could read people’s WhatsApp conversations.

That WhatsApp and Facebook could see the specific location of their users.
That both companies of Mark Zuckerberg They could spy on third-party conversations.
That they would have access to users’ contacts.

Realities about the new WhatsApp usage policies

The following points are what yes it will happen when the new terms and conditions start. While they will share more information with Facebook, it won’t be as catastrophic as some netizens speculated.

WhatsApp cannot see your private messages or listen to your calls. Neither does Facebook.
WhatsApp cannot see or share your location. Neither can Facebook.
WhatsApp groups are kept private.
WhatsApp does not share your contacts with Facebook.

WhatsApp doesn’t keep logs of who everyone is texting or calling.
Users can download their personal data.
Users can schedule their messages to be deleted automatically

The above points were clarified by WhatsApp on January 11 on its official Twitter account.

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