WhatsApp does not give in and this will do to your user if you do not accept its rules

WhatsApp is the key instant messaging platform in the smartphone market, consolidating the ecosystem of platforms that Mark Zuckerberg has.

One element that has made WhatsApp a platform of great value has been the brand’s ability to multiply the number of users within it.

The ecosystem of instant messaging platforms has become a determining factor in consolidating the value of smartphones in the digital communication infrastructure.

Communication through messaging applications such as WhatsApp has been detonated in recent times, due to the ease that these platforms have offered to their users, in the variety of communication and data transfer alternatives.

Faced with this proposal, an element that is highly attractive is the one that reveals how important it has become for the consumer, to have tools, which undoubtedly warn us of how important identification with audiences is today .

When it is possible to understand them, a common element in this work is the one that reveals to us how important consumption has become, identifying tasks that are increasingly adapted to digital interaction.

WhatsApp’s new decision

WhatsApp released new terms to its users a few weeks ago, so they began with a rejection campaign against the measures taken by the platform.

As part of these new privacy policies, the data of WhatsApp users is shared with the rest of the social networks, which are part of the Mark Zuckerberg ecosystem, thereby establishing a very important guideline in the way this company has been identifying itself. in the market.

Undoubtedly, a series of guidelines have been patented today that we cannot lose sight of, such as the fact that this policy update cannot be applied in member states of the European Union, one of the most severe regions against the “free operation ”of Mark Zuckerberg’s app ecosystem.

The policy update prevented users who did not accept from continuing to use WhatsApp, which immediately ignited user criticism and became two very important events. The first, that WhatsApp temporarily suspended its policy and second, that competing apps such as Telegram went viral, thereby detonating the number of downloads they had.

WhatsApp’s new decision arrives

Last week we announced that WhatsApp is detailing a campaign with which it intends to be very clear with its users, regarding the handling of data that it will be doing on their accounts.

The offer was just the tip of the iceberg of WhatsApp’s true strategy, which is to reveal on its question and answer site, its new position on users, who do not accept the policy it has released.

Within this update it is ruled that those who do not accept the policies until May 15, WhatsApp will prohibit their users from sending or reading messages from its app, however, they will only be able to receive calls and notifications for a short period of time.

This means that you have until May 15 to give your ok to the new WhatsApp policies and in case you have not accepted them, the app agrees not to delete your account, but it will prevent you from accessing the functions, so You can only receive calls and notifications, for a period of up to two weeks.

An important detail to take into account in this latest update of its regulations, is that those who remain inactive for 120 days, the app will make the decision to eliminate said users.

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