WhatsApp Creators Create App Competition!

WhatsApp Creators Create App Competition! | Instagram

That’s right, it seems that two WhatsApp creators create their own competition whose name is HalloApp, a new free and ad-free rival, so keep reading to find out everything about this new messaging application.

HalloApp is a new app that comes from the hand of two of the creators of WhatsApp and comes mainly to compete with both WhatsApp and Telegram and of course with the rest of messaging applications, with end-to-end encrypted conversations and trying not to request more permissions from the account.

As you may know so far, the WhatsApp application accumulates more than 2,000 million users and the truth is that it does not seem to have much competition today, this despite the variety and quality of alternatives.

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HalloApp is an application developed at the hands of two of the creators of WhatsApp and unlike the application now owned by Facebook, HalloApp aims to be easy at the level of permissions, and integrate social network aspects to be something more than a messaging application.

The application only asks us for permission for contacts, as well as multimedia files in case we want to send them.

It should be noted that the chat functions, for the moment, are very limited, being able to send messages to our contacts, either text or multimedia.

At the moment, the voice notes function, so popular in alternatives such as WhatsApp or Telegram, is not implemented.

However, it has been liked that, at the interface level, the groups have their own section within the application, so they do not mix with the rest of the individual conversations.

A striking section of it is that of started, which works in a similar way to the feed of any social network.

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Here we can share messages and multimedia with our contacts, and they can comment on what we post.

It is a way of mixing messaging with a social network, to share what we want with our close circle.

WhatsApp Messenger is an instant messaging application for smartphones, in which messages are sent and received via the Internet, as well as images, videos, audios, audio recordings (voice notes), documents, locations, contacts, gifs, stickers, as well as calls and video calls with several participants at the same time, among other functions.

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WhatsApp is automatically integrated into the contact book, which differentiates it from other applications, since it is not necessary to enter a password or PIN to access the service.

According to data from the beginning of 2020, it is the leader in instant messaging in much of the world, in which it exceeds 2 billion users, surpassing other applications such as Facebook Messenger or Telegram, among others.

Although the application was launched in 2009 mainly for iOS, and a year later for Android, and finally it arrived for Windows, it became massively popular from around 2012 to the present.

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WhatsApp displaced the SMS service, forever revolutionizing the instant messaging service thanks to the multiplication of smartphones and Internet access.

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