WhatsApp clarifies what information it will share with Facebook

And it clarifies that in addition to this information, the application may share data that the user gives through permissions and if you have any questions about what type of information is shared, you can verify it in the Information we collect section of the Privacy Policy .

“In the coming weeks, we will post a banner on WhatsApp with more information that people can read at their own pace. Additionally, we include additional information to try to address concerns that we have heard. After a while, we will begin to remind users to review and accept these updates to continue using WhatsApp, “said the company.

The new policies are aimed at more companies adding their messaging services to the application, because according to WhatsApp, every day, more than 175 million people send messages from a WhatsApp Business account, which suggests that many users they are comfortable using this type of service.

The justification for why WhatsApp data is shared with Facebook is because the company shows different company profiles, to generate more consumer confidence and to offer a more comprehensive eCommerce service.

“Over the next few months, we plan to expand our partnership with the business solution providers we have worked with over the past two years. Likewise, we will offer a new option for companies to manage their WhatsApp messages through the services that Facebook plans to offer, ”said the messaging brand.