The WhatsApp messaging application modified the aspects of blocking to guarantee easier control of contacts and block suspicious or unknown users. In case the contacts are already blocked, the application will display a message offering the option to unlock the conversation.

In the event that said contact has been blocked, a message will appear saying that “You blocked this contact. Press to unlock. ” There you can modify the condition in which the other person’s profile is with respect to yours. When doing so, a new message appears saying “Unlocked this contact. ” With this feature it is much easier to manage your contacts.

Another question related to number blocking is to know if a user has blocked you. Although there is no function to tell you if you are, it is possible to find out taking into account different characteristics of the conversation. Among them the response time and the status of the profile photo in addition to other functions.

The message will only appear from the person who blocked the other user, so there is no need to worry about the other person seeing that you have been blocked in the conversation. However, you can still detect in a simple way if the other person has blocked you, since you cannot see their last connection.

Another point where you can find out if you have been blocked on WhatsApp, is to constantly check the “double check” or “read”; that is, the blue popcorn that appears when the message is read. Although this feature can also be disabled by the other user, most users leave it active because they also want to know if the other user is slow to answer, so it is an important way to detect if the other contact has blocked you.

As for the profile photo, if your profile photo does not appear in the contacts menu, it is very likely that you have been blocked, because the appearance of the WhatsApp profile does not take long to update. It is also possible to detect if the block is effective when you try to add a contact to a group, since the contacts that have you blocked restrict the possibility of sharing a conversation with them through a group. When this happens, a legend appears that says “Unable to add a group to your contact.”

As you can understand, there is no definitive way to know if you were blocked by another user, however one can review and analyze all the aforementioned features. to tie the dots and discover if the other contact has decided to do without communication with you.

Despite the fact that this modification in the application is the most recent, it is not one of the most prominent on WhatsApp, since the one that was the most requested was the “Dark theme”, where the colors are modified by a different contrast, thus, the theme, which mainly kept the menu in white, can now be changed to black, allowing a much more comfortable reading of messages.

Another recent facet released by the messaging application is its business version WhatsApp Business, where there are special features to keep in constant contact with suppliers and customers, It also allows entering catalogs of the products to be offered and also allows sending automated messages for when the business is out of service or during its hours of activity.