WhatsApp and its desperate attempt to communicate its new usage policies

The new conditions of Whatsapp generated controversy since their announcement. Although they were delayed until May 15, it is something that you must accept whether you want to or not. To smooth things out and avoid losing more users, the messaging service announced how they will inform people about the changes.

According to WhatsApp, in recent weeks have reviewed user comments and listened to people’s concerns. The company maintains the discourse that conversations will remain protected by encryption from end to end and that will not change. They also mention that they will not share your contacts with Facebook or keep a record of your actions within the application.

In the next weeks a banner will appear inside WhatsApp with more information about the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

“We want everyone to be aware of our ongoing commitment to upholding end-to-end encryption and protecting the privacy and security of our users. Therefore, we are using the States feature to share our values ​​and updates. directly within WhatsApp, and we will work even harder to communicate more clearly as we move forward. ”

WhatsApp assures that they reflected on how they could have better communicated the changes. They will now include additional information to answer questions and address people’s concerns. The strategy comes after weeks of confusion where the service lost million users who migrated to other platforms.

WhatsApp does not address the real concern of its users

WhatsappChristian Wiediger / Unsplash

Regarding the latter, the company assures that “it is natural for people to test the applications to see what they offer”. WhatsApp takes advantage of criticize some competitors for not offering end-to-end encryption, or for mentioning that they collect less information from users.

“We believe that people are looking for applications that are both reliable and secure, even when it is necessary for WhatsApp to have access to certain limited information.”

This last point is what attracts attention and reveals that WhatsApp is not addressing the real concern about its policies. The initial confusion wasn’t because users were afraid that Facebook would read their conversations, but because collect more data.

If other apps surf the privacy flag and that draws people in, that shouldn’t bother WhatsApp, but force it to stay competitive by adjusting the amount of data it collects.

The company promises to measure up and better communicate your decisions. The reality is that as of May 15, people they will have to accept their questionable practices of the handling of their information if they want to continue using the service.

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