WhatsApp already has a sticker search engine and this is how it works

The WhatsApp application expands its tools and now offers a new sticker search engine to improve the user experience. (Photo: iStock)

WhatsApp wants your conversations to be more fluid and for that it included in its latest update a new sticker search engine.

The sticker finder is a new tool for WhatsApp users to have a better experience by conducting conversations with your work teams, family, and friends.

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WhatsApp update

This new tool is part of the updates that the instant messaging application made to its software for users of Android and iOS devices, and is now available for download.

To access the sticker search engine it will be necessary to download the latest update of the application owned by Facebook according to the operating system of each device.

How does it work?

To use the sticker search engine, it is necessary to open WhatsApp and position yourself in the conversation in which you want to send a sticker.

Once in the chat, you have to position yourself in the text bar and enter the stickers icon to later select the magnifying glass button, which is in the lower left.

To find a sticker that fits the idea you want to send, you have to write a keyword that will allow you to filter the search.

With this, the user will have an amount of stickers that fits the keyword he wrote, all ready to be sent.

Another option offered the new WhatsApp update is the possibility of selecting stickers through categories with predetermined galleries.

Animated stickers?

In recent days WhatsApp opened the possibility that its users could create and share animated stickers within your platform.

The animated stickers already existed in the application, but it was not possible to create them.

However, with the use of the Sticker Maker application, users of this platform can now create animated sticker packages, although the limitation is that at the moment it is only possible for Android devices.