WhatsApp is launching a new feature that will make sending money using the app as easy as sharing a photo. Is about WhatsApp Payments that will allow money transactions without interest some (unless we are talking about a business). For now this new tool is only available in Brazil, and we still do not know if it will reach other countries.

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Making payments with WhatsApp will be as simple as using PayPal or the application of your preferred bank. And to protect your money, it will ask you to authorize every transaction you want to make, either by entering a 6-digit PIN or with your fingerprint. The application will allow you to transfer up to 1,000 reais per operation (approximately 4,300 Mexican pesos), and up to 20 operations can be performed daily.

The best part is that users will not have to pay a commission for each transaction. Although of course, businesses must pay 3.99% for each operation. “The options to send money and make purchases through WhatsApp have no cost for individual users. The companies, for their part, will pay a processing fee, similar to the amount they may already pay when accepting credit card transactions, “the Facebook messaging app said in a statement.


“Small businesses are the backbone of the country. The ability to easily make sales on WhatsApp will help business owners adapt to the digital economy, drive growth and financial recovery, “said Matt Idema, chief operating officer of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Payments will use the Facebook Pay payment network available in various parts of the world, and will be compatible with debit and credit cards from the Mastercard and Visa networks issued by Banco do Brasil, Nubank and Sicredi.

There is still no news about whether this feature to make payments on WhatsApp will arrive in Mexico.