What’s wrong with John Boyega? The drama behind his departure from Netflix’s ‘Rebel Ridge’

John Boyega made headlines earlier this month because he had decided to drop the Netflix movie ‘Rebel Ridge’ for “family reasons.”. It was an important project in which he was the protagonist and it was part of an agreement with the streaming platform whereby the actor would develop various content with them in the coming years. Obviously, it didn’t sound strange there, everyone can have good reasons for being forced to leave a project. But new information indicates that there may be more murky things behind it.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Boyega’s departure from the shoot was much more abrupt. In fact, the team discovered that he had left when they came to pick him up at the hotel and he had already left. There are sources that assure the media that Boyega was also having problems with production issues such as changes to the script and the conditions of his accommodation. Netflix bosses, including Ted Sarandos himself, tried to convince him to come back, to no avail.

Boyega’s representative has denied all this information: “I can categorically say that these rumors are completely false. People will form their opinions sometimes out of boredom. As has been said John unfortunately left for family reasons that in truth don’t concern anyone except him. John and Netflix have a wonderful relationship that will continue to grow for years to come either as an actor or from UpperRoom (his production company). ”Netflix had already commented that they did not intend to break the agreement with Boyega after this slump.

Your Twitter is no longer verified

But weird things keep happening around John Boyega. It was recently discovered that your Twitter account is no longer verified and that all tweets after November 2020 have been removed.. His Instagram is still verified and his last publication is from last May when he announced that he would star in and produce the sequel to ‘Attack the Block’, the film that made him known.

Meanwhile, Netflix recalibrates what to do with ‘Rebel Ridge’. For now they have fired a good part of the team because they could not find a replacement for the title role quickly. The idea they have is to return to filming at the beginning of next year with a new actor at the helm. At the moment they are not considering suing Boyega for breaking the contract and making them lose money. The actor has pending the release of the action film ‘Naked Singularity’, which will hit theaters in the United States in August, and had finished filming ‘They Cloned Tyrone’ for Netflix before starting with ‘Rebel Ridge’.

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