Windows 10X will be available only on laptops or devices with dual screens, and will come pre-installed, so we will not be able to install it on a laptop that we want. This will greatly limit its initial expansion, but at least the operating system is thought from scratch with many new features that seem to be coming to Windows 10.

10X features will be tested first on Windows 10

Windows 10X will not replace Windows 10, but both will coexist in the market. And new sources affirm that Microsoft is going to integrate some of its functionalities in Windows 10, and even before the official launch of Windows 10X occurs, which has been delayed to 2021. At the moment, it is confirmed that there will be three functions that They are going to be tested first on Windows 10, although they are still trying to see how to implement some of the functions.

Isolated applications or new Windows Update, among the new features

The first is running Win32 applications in containers. This 10X system will be very necessary to be able to run programs as in the desktop version, using for this an emulation that at the moment seems to be giving many problems. Since Windows 10 already has native support for these apps, it appears that the company will implement this feature as a kind of security feature.

This function sounds very similar to the Windows 10 Sandbox that was introduced a year ago in the system, but that Microsoft deactivated within a few days of launching it and has not said anything about it again. This mode allowed to run apps safely without affecting the rest of the system, being ideal for trying to install programs suspected of having viruses without putting the rest of the computer at risk.

Second, Microsoft also plans to test the trusted system for applications, where applications and “signed” code with “good reputation” can be safely installed in the operating system. With this, it seeks to reduce the presence of malware in the operating system.

Third and last, Microsoft could also bring the new Windows Update, where the company promised that 10X updates will take less than 90 seconds to install, rather than minutes like now.

It is possible that there may be changes in this regard in the coming months, but what is clear is that many of the functions that Microsoft will introduce in 10X will reach all users, although we do not know when they will begin to reach Insiders so that try.