What’s coming up for Cardano in 2021? Hoskinson reveals all projects


The Cardano Price (ADA) got off to an incredible start for 2021. After the ADA still traded at $ 0.18 on January 1, the price briefly managed to break above $ 1.20 yesterday. With this, ADA not only broke the 10x mark since the start of the year, but also set a new all-time high, which still dated January 04, 2018 and was $ 1.15.

A key factor in the award was undoubtedly the strong development progress as well as the ongoing announcements of partnerships and projects, including those from Africa. With the transition from era Shelley to Goguen, Cardano will become a smart contract platform that will also support native tokens. As the recent success of Binance smart chain in the DeFi sector and the ensuing BNB price has shown, DeFi could become a major factor for Cardano as well.

Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of Cardano, has repeatedly pointed out in recent weeks that DeFi has enormous potential, which is why IOG will be emphasizing it. And as Nicolás Arqueros, CTO at Emurgo, described in November, Cardano will achieve scalability of DeFi applications of “millions of users” through its extended UTXO model.

Hoskinson has now revealed in a new tweet that 2021 will have a lot more in store for Cardano than the community previously knew.

What’s next for Cardano in 2021?

The first item on Hoskinson’s list – smart contracts – is not surprising, as the last of the three hard fork combiner events, “Alonzo”, will complete Goguen’s full activation. It will allow developers to create native tokens and smart contracts on the mainnet.

Even more interesting is “Voltaire”, the fifth and final era of Cardano. The Voltaire era will provide the final elements necessary for the Cardano network to become an autonomous system. . As a result, Cardano will be fully decentralized.

Plus, Hoskinson promises “a lot of Hydra action”.

IELE is a dedicated virtual machine for Cardano that runs and verifies smart contracts. It also provides human readable language for blockchain developers.

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