Sizing the communication and connection possibilities that can be had in the digital world seems simply a daunting task.

Although sending a message through an application such as WhatsApp or requesting reports through a chatbot are increasingly frequent tasks, the truth is that behind this there is a much more complex system, where companies such as Infobip are located as core pieces.

Infobip is a Croatian company that, with a constant innovation profile tied with the latest technologies, allows companies in any industry to accelerate their digital transformation with tools to connect with their audiences and provide them with a communication and messaging service in accordance with their objectives. , through a perfect combination of customer service, technology and data to build permanent, solid and meaningful relationships.

This company has demonstrated the success of its services with strong numbers. Approximately 5 billion people around the world, this is 2/3 of the global population, have used or received a message managed by Infobip. At the local level, in Mexico, the company has managed and resolved more than 200 million interactions so far in 2020.

What’s behind these numbers is more than just a breathtaking range. Behind those billions of messages are significant savings in time and resources for companies that are Infobip customers.

Along these lines and in order to offer a broader and more efficient portfolio to its clients, Infobip has just announced the launch of Moments, an omnichannel center that allows companies to connect in a meaningful and efficient way with those customers that deliver true value to their business.

As mentioned by Sergio Prada, sales director for LATAM at Infobip, Moments “allows companies to better understand their end users, and reach them through preferential methods and means, with the content they are waiting to receive and that will have an impact, more even considering a current situation where users remain ‘connected’. It is a solution that provides support to the marketing area, who today in such a changing environment, faces the challenges of a demanding end customer, who expects more and more from brands and companies. Moments allows these areas to create and activate highly effective campaigns that will respond to those demands of customers, in a more personal way, and also allow a 360-degree vision for better decision-making ”.

Moments is a resource that gains special value in current times. Although it is a reality that communications have taken on a much more digital role, the demand of consumers is still aligned with receiving a personalized and humane treatment.

According to surveys carried out by Infobip around the world, 25 percent of consumers indicate that digital communication would be more effective if the message contains humorous components, signaling the search for more personal interactions and avoiding monotony. To do this, Moments allows companies to design personalized messages on a large scale.

As Prada points out, “in a world so overloaded with data and multiple sources of information, Moments allows us to unify all interactions between and with clients on a single platform, thus promoting an efficient way to synthesize said information and define strategies more in line with the needs of the clients, in an optimal and agile way. This is achieved through analytics embedded in the Moments platform, which allows audiences to be intelligently segmented according to profiles and behaviors, then developing more effective campaigns and taking advantage of different communication channels ”.

The competitive advantages that companies can obtain with the implementation of Moments in their business plans are endless.

Infobip has the experience, cutting-edge technology and the human talent to understand and serve what companies are going through today, but especially the customer / end user of today. Its mission is to accompany companies in their digital transformation while maintaining a human touch with the client, and creating fantastic and memorable experiences, where Moments plays a fundamental role.