What you should know about the tradition of Easter Eggs

This Sunday, Resurrection Day for the Catholic Church and its faithful devotees, is also known as Easter. On the one hand, it is a festival in which Christians celebrate the return of Jesus Christ, after being crucified and having died. On the other hand, those who are not devotees celebrate the beginning of spring.

One of the questions that probably come up when talking about Easter eggs is what does the resurrection of the Son of God have to do with rabbits that leave chocolate eggs? Well, the tradition results from the prohibition of consuming eggs and dairy during Lent and on Easter Sunday ends this period. For this reason, pieces of chocolates are used symbolically.

While Masses are held in many churches across the country, it is customary for American families to celebrate Easter through age-old traditions that have been passed down through the generations. As for example the Easter egg hunts, an ancient tradition that unites the whole family and that especially entertains the little ones and the smallest of the house around some chocolate eggs.

The tradition of Easter Eggs in the United States is usually done on Easter Sunday itself; in it, fathers and mothers hide plastic eggs filled with sweets for all children to look for and find; as a way to feed the fantasy that the eggs have been brought and hidden by the Easter bunny, better known as the Easter Bunny.

Religion and Easter Eggs

It is presumed that there is a legend that says that in the cave where Jesus Christ resurrected on the third day there was also a rabbit, who witnessed that moment of the messiah and felt a great need to tell the rest of the world, but since he could not speak, he had to find an alternative way to get the message across.

What mode? Through the eggs. According to the story, the rabbit began to paint colored eggs to give to people so that they would understand what had happened.

It is the only connection found between Easter eggs and the Easter bunny, so although it is not confirmed, it remains the main story that has led to Easter Bunny Day in America.