They are not filled with air and their activation depends on the force of the accident. According to the US Department of Transportation indicates that about 37,000 people have been saved thanks to them

How many stories have we not read on social networks and media about car accidents in which the famous ones were never opened airbags.

This tool is one of the most important that cars have and very effective at the time of an accident, the opportunity to escape unscathed or with few injuries is due, in large part, to the correct activation of the air bags.

It is important to mention that the bags will not work if you do not have the seat belt on, which will serve as a detector for its possible activation.

The operation of the air bags depends on their speed, that is, they must be inflated as soon as possible to cushion the impact of the driver and the occupants of the vehicle. The bags accomplish this at a speed of more than 155 miles per hour (250 km / hour), reports AutoBild.

It must be of a very strong material, so if the blow against the head is expected to feel soft, we are wrong, it will be hard and resistant.

The airbags only open when it is determined based on certain parameters, which are calculated from the deceleration that warns that, on an impact, its force and the angle of this. Sometimes, according to AutoBild, opening the bags when the crash does not require it could end with more serious consequences.

You also have to accept that sometimes the air bags do not open due to a breakdown in the car. It occurs, although they are the least occasions, according to reports worldwide. In the event that this situation happens, an exhaustive investigation is carried out to help determine what happened.

Data reported by the United States Department of Transportation indicate that around 37,000 people have saved their lives thanks to the activation of air bags.

The first time airbags were patented was by the company Mercedes Benz in the year 1971, according to MotorPassion. And contrary to what we would all believe, they do not work with air, but have different chemicals inside that produce nitrogen gas. Also, they are made of nylon.


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