Nicaragua registers 2,170 cases of Covid-19 and 74 people died from the pandemic until this Wednesday, June 24, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health (Minsa). These are the most important news of this day.

Mined seeks to “normalize” classes in public schools with a guide for students who have not attended the pandemic

The Ortega regime continues to sacrifice educational quality in order to appear “normal” in classrooms, at a time when Nicaragua maintains the rise of the contagion curve by Covid-19, and has oriented teachers to provide a study guide “Simple” that would save the students’ school year. Read more here.

What is going on with Social Security finances? 6 months without statistics generates uncertainty

Until the first half of 2020, the finances of the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute (INSS) are unknown, which generates uncertainty, especially since the pandemic is accelerating the loss of affiliates, which began with the 2018 crisis, specialists warn . Read more here.

Gabriel Álvarez warns of risks in the statutory document of the National Coalition

The expert lawyer in constitutional law, Gabriel Álvarez, warned this Tuesday that the statutory document of the National Coalition establishes elements that could put at risk the union, union and business organizations that are within this process of opposition unity. Read more here.

This way you can monitor your water consumption and avoid Enacal surprising you with altered bills

In recent months, Nicaraguans have reported an increase in drinking water bills and assure that it is an abuse by the Nicaraguan Aqueduct and Sewer Company (Enacal). Users claim they consume the same amount of water as previous months, but now they pay more. Read more here.

Why the measures applied in Nicaragua to provide financial relief do not resemble those promoted by the countries of the region

The consumer protection agencies indicated that the temporary credit measures adopted by both the National Microfinance Commission (Conami) and the Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions (Siboif) are positive, but that a further deterioration in the portfolio could be avoided. Credit, if these had been applied two or three months ago, as the countries of the Central American region did. Read more here.