Nicaragua registers 1,823 cases of Covid-19 and 64 people killed by the pandemic until this Tuesday, June 16, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health (Minsa). These are the most important news of this day.

Why Ortega will not be able to sustain his Government with the US $ 600 million in the BCN? Your financial situation is complicated

The Daniel Ortega regime urgently needs a “financial fan” that will allow it to sustain its public spending not only in the midst of the pandemic but also in the coming months, because otherwise current economic conditions will deteriorate, which will increase Social pressure, considered various economists when interpreting the latest report from the Fitch Rating agency, which put the economy in negative perspectives. Read the note here

The new epidemiological bulletin of the Ministry confirms that Daniel Ortega lied with the death toll from pneumonia

During the week of May 4 to 10, 21 people died of pneumonia in Nicaragua, the Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported in its epidemiological bulletin number 19, published this Thursday with six weeks late. With these deaths, the accumulated up to that date in the country reached 107 deaths from this disease. Read the note here

Five keys to electoral reform, according to constitutional lawyer Gabriel Álvarez

The constitutional lawyer Gabriel Álvarez assured this Thursday that the elections are still the best option to change the destiny of the country through the citizen will deposited in the ballot boxes, but he warns that an electoral process in Nicaragua will only be acceptable with at least five changes in the electoral system. Nicaragua’s Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) is controlled by the ruling party. Read the note here.

Nicaraguans Show Greater Interest In Participating In 2021 National Elections, According To CID Gallup Poll

The Public Opinion Study number 96 on Nicaragua carried out by the CID Gallup pollster, revealed the interest of the majority of citizens to participate in the next national elections in November 2021, which is valued as the need to change government in the country. Read the note here

#LAPRENSATeExplica: Should packaging and products be disinfected to avoid Covid-19?

Despite the magnitude of the pandemic, to date no transmission of Covid-19 through food consumption has been reported, however, measures must be taken when shopping. Look at the video here