What you missed this morning: This was the beginning of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games


The meeting was played behind closed doors, as is expected to happen with most of the Tokyo Games competitions due to the situation of the pandemic, although it was attended in the stands by the president of the organizing committee, Seiko Hashimoto, among other representatives of the hosts.

In sports, Japan’s national team, the champions the last time the sport was Olympic in Beijing 2008, took advantage of its long-range offense to beat Australia 8-1 in five innings. The antifrion team put on a six-hit offense, including home runs by first baseman Minori Naito, designated hitter Yamato Fujita and third baseman Yu Yamamoto.

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At the Fukushima Azuma Statium, Australia took a 1-0 lead in the first inning by taking advantage of the uncontrolled pitcher Yukiko Ueno, who gave away a walk and a couple of balls, after a hit by Michelle Cox. Japan tied Naito in the same first inning, who advanced to second base on a wild pitch by pitcher Kaia Parnaby and an RBI single by Yamamoto. Australia’s defense failed and Japan took advantage of that to mark the fate of the duel.

In the third inning, Nodoka Harada reached base by mistake from second base and with two outs came Nito’s home run to make the score 3-1, an advantage extended to 5-1 in the fourth by Fujita’s home run after the fielder Saki Yamazaki reached first base by mistake.

A ticket to Naito and a homerun by Yamamoto decided the victory of the Japanese by adding seven runs difference in the fifth inning, a wide superiority, according to the advance or mercy rule.

For Japan the most outstanding hitter was Yu Yamamoto, going 3-2 with three RBIs. The win went to Yukiko Ueno, with two hits allowed in 4 1/3 innings in which he struck out seven opponents, and the backhand came from Kaia Parnaby.

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Tokyo 2020

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