What you did not know about Harry Styles!

These are some curiosities that you did not know about Harry Styles, why? Because we want to and we can, this talented artist is one of the best musicians of the moment and today we are telling you his biggest secrets. Are you ready?

Well it turns out that Harry Styles is handsome what he has of curiosities, let’s start with the most basic, his height, did you know that Harry Styles is 1.78? In fact of all the One Direction band members, he is the tallest of all. Not only that, his full name is Harry Edward Styles!

Another divine curiosity, did you know that her curls are simply untouchable? We mean that her curls are simply perfect, so much so that her hairdresser has confessed on different occasions that when she plays a photo shoot, she decides not to touch her hair since it is simply perfect and ideal for her session, so while you think she spent hours combing and fixing their hair, they didn’t really touch a single hair.

Harry Styles just like anyone else, has his taste that he can’t forgive, and it’s chocolate. To all his concerts, he brings a chocolate! And to think that while Harry carries his chocolate I carry my ex. (Don’t do it friends).

And of course also a terrible fear, and it is snakes, Harry Styles just can’t handle snakes, they panic! In fact, this focia is called ophidiophobia.

Could it be that Harry Styles died in his other life devoured by a snake? The point is, he has an uncontrollable fear of snakes.

His first kiss was at 11 years old! And she lost her virginity at age 14. QUE!

Harry Styles has confessed on numerous occasions that had he not been into music, he would have studied physical therapy. Seriously, what good luck that Harry Styles had given me therapy. (cries)

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