What will the relationship between Biden and AMLO be like? Only 36% of Mexicans believe it will be good

A national survey by EL FINANCIERO reveals that 36 percent of the Mexicans interviewed expect a good relationship between President López Obrador and Joe Biden, who today takes office as president of the United States. However, 15 percent believe that the relationship between the two leaders will be bad and 45 percent believe that it will be regular.

Citizens believe that the Mexico-US relationship will be goodCitizens believe that the Mexico-US relationship will be good

The expectation that the relationship between López Obrador and Biden could be bad had been 15 percent in October, before the elections in the neighboring country, and then dropped to 10 percent in November and up to 5 percent in December; but in the January study it rebounded again to 15 percent. In contrast, the favorable outlook stood at 28 percent before the election, rose slightly to 30 percent in November, and to 36 percent in December, a level that was also recorded in January.

According to the survey, 48 percent believe that relations between the two countries are favorable, that is, good or very good, while 16 percent describe them as bad or very bad. These responses are similar to the levels recorded last July, when the Mexican president visited his counterpart in the United States.

According to respondents, Mexico-US relations have been very goodAccording to respondents, Mexico-US relations have been very good

According to the EL FINANCIERO poll, Joe Biden has a 45 percent favorable opinion among Mexicans and 12 percent unfavorable. According to the series of polls, Biden’s image has improved 7 points since October, shortly before the election, when he registered 38 percent favorable opinion. For her part, Kamala Harris, who takes office as the first vice president of the United States, has a 30 percent favorable opinion in our country, and 8 percent an unfavorable opinion. Most have not yet met her to express an opinion.

Citizens have a good opinion of the United StatesCitizens have a good opinion of the United States

Among those who do express an opinion of Kamala Harris, the survey reveals a gender gap of 9 points: Harris reaches a favorable opinion of 35 percent among women interviewed and 26 percent among men. In Biden’s case, there is also a slight gender gap: 48 percent favorable opinion among women and 42 percent among men.

Respondents have high opinion of Kamala Harris Respondents have a good opinion of Kamala Harris Special

Donald Trump says goodbye to the post with only 7 percent of favorable opinion among Mexicans and 82 percent of unfavorable opinion. Despite this enormous level of rejection of Trump, 55 percent believe that the tycoon will be back to run for president in 2024, while 33 percent believe that he will not be and 12 percent do not know.

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Citizens have a very bad opinion of Donald TrumpCitizens have a very bad opinion of Donald Trump


National survey conducted by telephone to 500 Mexican adults from January 15-16, 2021. A probabilistic sampling of residential and cell phones was carried out in the 32 states. With a 95% confidence level, the margin of error for the estimates is +/- 4.4 percent.


The financial. Realization: Alejandro Moreno.