What will happen to your photos, emails and documents?

On June 1, the new conditions that Google It will apply to accounts that are inactive or that exceed available storage for two years or more. Eight months after announcing these changes, the multinational will apply the new policy in Google Photos, Gmail and Google Drive.

But, what will change from that date?

Once you occupy the 15GB that they offer you for free, you will not be able to upload files or images to the Drive, nor will you be able to create backup copies in original quality in Google Photos.

Keep in mind that everything that has been uploaded previously will not take place in the cloud. That is, it will start counting what you upload as of June 1.

Each account of Google, from which you can access the different services of the company, it has 15 GB of free storage. Once you have completely filled the free part that the company offers you, you can buy space in the cloud through Google One.

As if all this were not enough, we must take into account an alert sent by the company itself. If you exceeded the space quota 2 years or more ago and did not free up or purchase space to get back under the limit (15GB), it is possible that Google delete all the content you have in Gmail, Drive and Google Photos. Although, the company will notify, three months in advance, those users who fail to comply with the requirements before proceeding to delete their emails, photos or documents.

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