What will happen to Camila when Carlos replaces Queen Elizabeth?

What will happen to Camila when Carlos replaces Queen Elizabeth? (AP)

What will happen to Camila when Carlos replaces Queen Elizabeth? | AP

The members of the crown receive different titles that define the hierarchies, the moment is approaching when the Prince carlos, son of Queen Elizabeth, came to ascend to the throne and the various speculations about his new position and that of his wife are yet to be defined.

Carlos and Camila Parker Bowles they had a whole life trying to be together but the rules of the protocol united them to other people, he together with the unforgettable Princess Diana and she had to marry Parker Bowles.

After Diana Spencer joined royalty, she adopted the title of “Wale’s princess“Being married to the crown prince to the throne, after Camila’s official union with Carlos, she received that appointment, however, she decided not to accept using it.

Being the wife of Carlos, Camila becomes “Princess Consort” after Carlos takes the place as king of England, meanwhile, various media begin to weigh what the position of the “Duchess of Cornwall“, she is aware of public opinion and that the majority do not agree with her marriage.

“Out of respect he rejected Diana’s title”

Camila Parker Bowles, was always a shadow in the life of Carlos, and the memory of Lady Diana has been until today in her marriage, she is aware of the affection of all the people for the remembered “Princess of the people”, time in which Camila herself has always been judged.

By becoming the wife of Charles, she obtained the title of “Princess Consort” by right, but preferred to remain the “Duchess of Cornwall”.

Similar to the title that Philip adopted as the husband of Queen Elizabeth II, the protocol dictates that a husband cannot become king when his wife ascends the throne by inheritance, however, in the case of a male it is different since his couple if she can become queen.

Today Camila would be the only one who could be called “Princess of Wales” if she wanted to, but she knows the strong link this has with the memory of the beloved Diana.

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What will happen when Carlos becomes king?

Everything seems to indicate that yes! In the not too distant future, Carlos will take power, in case the queen dies or decides to retire permanently, and although many at one point did not imagine Carlos reaching the throne without Princess Diana, now it is a reality that Camila will be with him at that time.

It is clear that Camila’s position will change when Carlos becomes monarch, but it turns out, she herself does not want the title of “Princess Consort” and she fears that moment as her own biographer Penny Junor has expressed.

Friends and family know that it is not something she wants, she has said so, Junor wrote in her book, “The Duchess.” He also states that Camilla is only in that position out of love for her man and the whole issue of adhesion causes her some discomfort and she even prefers not to think about it, as she pointed out.

The most hated queen?

If Camila’s popularity was just on the right track, everything seems to fall apart after the controversial series “The Crown“Where not only she has been the target of strong accusations but Carlos along with all royalty, the series accused of having revived feelings of guilt towards all its members for the events that happened with the mother of Prince William and Harry.

According to a survey carried out by the newspaper “El express”, at the end of last 2019, it showed that 62% of the British do not accept Camila as queen, and only 35% of the votes are in her favor while 3% noted not being sure.

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It should be remembered that these data emerged several months before the fourth season of the drama that addresses British royalty, “The Crown”, created by Peter Morgan for Netflix and that now has caused even the British government to intervene.