What will happen now with Cádiz-Valencia?

04/04/2021 at 8:20 PM CEST

Once the game resumes at the Estadio del Carranza, now we will have to see the consequences. Now the drafting of the minutes of Medie jimenez and especially if Valencia transfers the racist complaint to the Competition Committee. The normal thing is that, according to the wording of the same and especially when there is a complaint, the Competition Committee opens an extraordinary file to determine if the insults of Creek to Diakhaby that motivated the Valencia players to withdraw from the field of play. An extraordinary procedure that could even involve appointing an investigating judge.

Because this type of attitudes are considered very serious according to the Disciplinary Code. This is how it is collected in article 69 which says verbatim in point c:

“Statements, gestures or insults made in sports facilities, which involve a manifestly humiliating treatment for any person due to their racial, ethnic, geographical or social origin, as well as religion, ability, age, sex or sexual orientation, as well as those that incite hatred or seriously violate the rights, freedoms and values ​​of people & rdquor ;. Procedure that could take several weeks until the verdict is known to the Competition Committee itself.

Fortunately, the game has resumed and Valencia has appeared on the field of play because of the withdrawal from the field, which is also considered very serious according to article 79 relating to “Withdrawal from the field of play & rdquor; and that reads the following: “The withdrawal of a team from the field of play, once the game has started, or the refusal to start it, will be classified as no-show, the provisions contained in article 77 of this ordinance being applicable to such events & rdquor; .

It is true that the return of Valencia to the field eliminates any default option.