What will happen if Mexico enters phase 3 due to Coronavirus | Reform

Mexico has been alerted to the declaration of Phase 2 by Coronavirus and the Undersecretary of Health has indicated that it will be inevitable to reach the Phase 3.

Hugo López-Gatell pointed out that in Phase 3 the greatest spread of the virus would occur and it would be difficult to interrupt the transmission chain.

The undersecretary noted that by this time there would be regional outbreaks and the spread of the disease would be nationwide; the number of cases would be measured in Thousands.

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In phase 3 massive events in public spaces, regardless of whether they are closed or open, cinemas, states and shopping malls would be suspended.

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Likewise, Mexico would be paralyzed, the suspension of any type of activity in workplaces where there are active outbreaks of Covid-19, and a general quarantine would be carried out.

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The declaration of Phase 2 by Coronavirus caused the President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador to implement the Plan DN III, disaster plan, in order to avoid further contagion.

Also, starting Monday, March 23, the Secretary of Health of Mexico It has launched the National Day of Healthy Distance, where they ask citizens to have certain measures to prevent the spread of the virus.