As of this Wednesday, the Buenos Aires Metropolitan Area (AMBA) has regressed to phase 1 of the quarantine due to the sustained increase in cases of coronavirus registered in the last weeks. That is to say that as of today, and at least until July 17, only workers will be able to circulate who fulfill some of the essential activities that the Government authorized and divided into 37 categories; and people who have to attend to a special situation such as help for the elderly and / or disabled, transfer of children of separated parents, carrying out procedures and medical treatments.

For this, the Executive Power launched a new circulation permit that can be obtained from this Monday on the official website of the Government or through the App Caring (available on cell phones with Android and IOS operating system).

The tightening of the quarantine will rule for at least two weeks in the Federal Capital and in 35 municipalities that make up the AMBA: Almirante Brown, Avellaneda, Berazategui, Berisso, Ensenada, Escobar, Esteban Echeverría, Ezeiza, Florencio Varela, General Las Heras, General Rodríguez, General San Martín, Hurlingham, Ituzaingó, José C. Paz, La Matanza, Lanús, La Plata, Lomas de Zamora, Luján, Marcos Paz, Malvinas Argentinas, Moreno, Merlo, Morón, Pilar, Presidente Perón, Quilmes, San Fernando, San Isidro, San Miguel, San Vicente, Tigre, Tres de Febrero and Vicente López. In addition, the province of Chaco, The Department of General Roca in Río Negro and the urban agglomerate of the city of Neuquén. The inhabitants of said districts -who are authorized- must have a circulation permit to be able to move. Now, what will happen to people who violate the quarantine.

As reported by official sources on Monday, the issuance of the immediate order to return to the place of origin by the offender, delay pending the decision of the Judiciary or the arrest of the person, are some of the measures that will continue to be taken for those who do not abide by the fulfillment of social, preventive and compulsory isolation in this new stage.

Furthermore, in the case of Private vehicles of offenders may be hijacked for not complying with articles 205 and 239 of the Penal Code, they specified. Considering that public transport can only mobilize workers from 30 of the 37 categories of excepted activities, in the event that the security forces perceive the non-compliance with quarantine on the train platforms, an infraction report will be drawn up and the Judiciary that establishes « the steps to follow » with respect to that reported by police personnel.

In cases in which symptoms compatible with COVID-19 are detected, the return to the place of origin will be required « to comply with the quarantine, following the instructions of the Judiciary. »

In the run-up to the reverse in quarantine, since Monday the National Government ordered more police controls at train stations, routes, highways and bridges that link City with Province with the aim of reducing the movement of people and, therefore, the virus. In the Capital 27 accesses have already been blocked, and only 20 are allowed for vehicles in general.

On the first day that the security controls reappeared – and the second to the last before the return to phase 1 – 133 thousand vehicles had circulated on the city’s highways until 6:00 p.m., which means a decrease of 2% compared to to last monday. Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires Department of Transportation warned that 155 thousand vehicles circulated on the main avenues, remaining stable compared to last week, with less than 1% increase.

The City’s Secretary of Transportation, Juan José Méndez He said in statements to Futurock that they are « closely following » the circulation. After the first day of tightening controls, the official remarked that yesterday and today will be « transition days » for the return to phase 1: « Work activities are still operating and only on Wednesday is when the new stage begins » , justified.

Beyond the restrictive measures, Méndez appealed to the “Individual responsibility of each one”, and insisted with the request to « stay home as much as possible ». He also warned that « if it is detected that a person used SUBE daily without permission, the card will be suspended. »

Since social, preventive and mandatory isolation was decreed on March 20, the City Police have detained 2,146 people for breach of quarantine. Another 32,274 were delayed, notified or transferred to their home. Meanwhile, 405 vehicles have been hijacked so far.

Meanwhile, in Province, the Minister of Government of Axel Kicillof, Teresa García, He justified the tightening of the restrictive measures: « We are going to become more rigid in the controls because we must lower the level of contagion since we are multiplying every few days. » In dialogue with El Destape, the Buenosairean official warned: « We are going to have a rebound of contagions and, unfortunately, of deaths as a result of the easing in recent days. »

In order to prevent the circulation of people who are not authorized, the Municipality of La Plata announced yesterday that it will apply fines of up to 133,250 pesos. In this sense, a traffic verification system will be implemented at this stage at 120 strategic points in the province’s capital.