What will be the fate of the Cubs in the arrival of hot summer?

Reconstruction in Chicago every time it is noted, as the veteran Theo Epstein had predicted on his departure from the management body. The problems in Cubs seem to have no remedy for now, those who have big decisions ahead to face before the summer.

Despite their big names in their hitting lineup, the Chicagos cubs they are in the penultimate place of the poor central division of the National League of MLB, who have had a chilling start, adding a great inconsistency both in their batters and the area of ​​the mound.

In his first 36 games of the current season of MLB, the part offensive of the Cubs He barely manages to combine a .227 batting average, while an on-base percentage of .316, holding a low average of runs created every 27 out of 4.2 (RC / 27).

Another point, where Cubs, sustain a very poor performance in their first 36 season games of MLB, it has undoubtedly been his haunting pitching corps, who combine for a soaring 4.39 ERA, while opposing hitters combine for a .245 batting percentage against them, who in 36 games have only preserved leads 20 times.

The change week on the MLB facing the summer, it will undoubtedly be an important point to see where the future of the Cubs, Those who at the end of this season concerns 2021 will have the task of signing, exchanging or releasing 13 players from their current squad.

Kris Bryant, who has been a leader for the Cubs for a long stretch in his career, he would be one of 13 players who could touch the free agency, of whom his departure from the aforementioned organization has been rumored for a long time, a club in which in his first 36 games, he leads in batting percentage, on base, hits and home runs.

Joining Kris Bryant, other great players for the Cubs like Javier Báez and Anthony Rizzo could also be attending the free agency, trio that if it reached the exchange market could guarantee a reconstruction with great success for those of Chicago, Rizzo being quite a sound piece on the market in recent weeks.

How not to remember those words of Epstein in his exit from the management of the Cubs: “The organization faces a series of decisions this winter that have long-term consequences; It’s better for those kinds of decisions to be made by someone who will be here for a long time rather than just another year. “

Undoubtedly an intense summer for the management of the city of winds!

Says goodbye … Carlos Moreta!

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