Barbara in turmoil! Accused of having kidnapped Leon, she ends up in prison … But More beautiful life has good surprises in store for her!

Barbara struggles to get out of prison! Returned recently in Plus Belle la vie, she quickly finds herself in the bath … And also in trouble. But she will do everything to get by. And can also count on the help of Leo!

Because he will do everything to get her out of prison … But no, she did not take little Leon! The problem ? The intrigues mingle and prevent Barbara from hoping for the exit. Until a crucial intervention by Léo!

Leo therefore succeeded: he gave Cécile Merle a DNA test… And of course, she is not Leon’s mother! More beautiful life therefore still has some surprises in store for Barbara… Because more proof will be needed!

Hervé Merle’s car is therefore searched by Léo and Jean-Paul, they find an address… And thus hope corner the Merle family on the run. A way out for Barbara, finally!

His shattering comeback in Plus Belle la vie, with a baby, therefore brought a big dose of spice and more. It is thus about exonerate her, before letting her return normally to the Mistral.

More beautiful life: what awaits Barbara?

More beautiful life: Barbara will get by

“I was not disappointed by the intrigue of return, explains Léa François, interpreter of Barbara. She’s shattering, but it wasn’t very funny either. I hope for a little more lightness for the future, and that she will be better. ”

Because suspicions, prison, her baby: everything turns upside down for her… As often in Plus belle la vie. But you have to smile a little: “I think it will be the case in the summer”, she announces.

The actress even throws a few tips for the future! “A new big plot is planned, a priori funnier, lighter. The authors have concocted a nice romantic encounter for her.

A release from prison, love and laughter, here is the continuation of the adventures for Barbara… But in the meantime, we will have to watch Plus belle la vie to understand his release from prison!

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