What we need to know to take stress at home well

04/06/2021 at 07:00 CEST

When our heart beats, it carries blood to our entire body through vessels and artery. Well, blood pressure is the force exerted by the blood in those arteries, and the higher the pressure, the more effort the heart has to make to pump, which can endanger our cardiovascular system.

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And it is that as the specialists of the Spanish Heart Foundation, “When blood pressure is high, the arteries harden to support it, causing atherosclerosis. In turn, this pathology can lead to serious complications such as stroke or cerebral thrombosis, among other cardiovascular accidents.

According to World Health Organization more than one billion people in the world suffer from hypertension. Or what is the same, a seventh of the world’s population may suffer from a cardiovascular problem.

But there is an added problem, that this pathology is asymptomatic, it does not cause discomfort, it does not hurt & mldr; So keeping an eye on her regularly isn’t silly. With the pandemic entering the fourth wave most likely our visits to the health center have been greatly reduced.

So probably what we are doing is controlling it at home, with our own devices. But are we doing it right?

According to the Heart Foundation there are a number of basic rules that we must follow to be sure that we are measuring our tension well at home.

An upset, bad news, can cause us an abnormal state of nerves that would alter the result of the tension taking. So the best thing is that we do it in a moment of relaxation and calm to be able to trust the levels that the blood pressure monitor gives us. Let’s find a quiet place without noise. It is also not a good idea to measure our tension after doing intense activity. We must have at least half an hour of rest for the body to calm down and resume its normal rhythm of activity. We must separate the moment of measuring the tension from the intake of coffee or tea. It is best to let about two hours pass after taking these drinks. It is also not good to smoke before or take it after eating. Rest for five minutes before starting the blood pressure measurement. We should sit comfortably, with our back supported by the back of the chair, without crossing our legs, and avoiding clothing that could oppress us If the blood pressure monitor is for the spleen, the cuff should be placed 2-3 centimeters above the elbow, the palm of the hand facing up and the elbow slightly bent at the level of the heart. a wristband at the level of the heart We should also take into account that blood pressure varies throughout the day. So it is best to always take it at the same time, to be able to compare the values. To make sure that we are measuring it well, we must repeat the procedure three times, “with a time gap between one and the other of at least one or two minutes. ». The blood pressure figure will be the average of the last two measurements. The values ​​obtained should be saved to show the doctor at our next visit. And nothing to talk about. Chatting during the measurement can alter the results.

What levels should alert us?

The strength of the blood gives two measures, the systolic, known as the high, and the diastolic, the low. According to cardiology specialists, to know if the blood pressure is above or below the levels considered healthy, we must take these figures as a reference:

Ideal blood pressure: equal to or less than 120/80 mmHg Normal blood pressure: equal to or less than 135/85 mmHg High normal blood pressure: between 136-139 / 86-89 mmHg Grade I hypertension: equal to or greater than 140/90 mmHg. Grade II hypertension: equal to or greater than 160/100 mmHg. Grade III or severe hypertension: equal to or greater than 180/110 mmHg.

Prevent hypertension

In addition to monitoring it periodically, cardiologists assure that we can keep blood pressure levels at bay by following just 3 basic rules:

Watch our diet: Reducing salt is the best idea and does not mean that our meals lose flavor since the taste buds do not perceive a reduction in salt of 30%. We must also bear in mind that most of the salt we eat comes from the processed foods we consume. So let’s go for fresh food. Following the Mediterranean diet will help us to reduce salt and eat healthy. Put aside sedentary lifestyle: We must do physical exercise, the one we like the most, on a regular basis, and if we smoke, we must definitely stop.