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The Prodigy, the electronic music band from Braintree, Essex (Great Britain) will have its documentary, a film that in addition to telling the history of the group, will be a tribute to Keith Flint, the group member who unfortunately in March 2019 will retire life.

« After the devastating passing of our brother Keef in 2019, it seems the time is right to tell the story of our band. » They mentioned Maxim and Liam Howlett (members of The Prodigy) in a statement. “It’s a story of the troubled and chaotic journey of our gang, our gang, the town gang, The Prodigy. Or simply, a story of brothers on a mission to make noise, ignite people’s souls and blow up sound systems around the world. This movie will be made with the same integrity as our music: uncompromising, raw and honest. This is for Keef! « 

The aforementioned band members Maxim and Liam Howlett will participate in the project; as well as John Fairs (comanager), who will have the role of executive producers. In addition to Maxim, Howlett and Fairs, the documentary will feature the participation of the production company Pulse Films and the director Paul Dugdale, who has already collaborated with the group in making The Prodigy: World’s On Fire (2011).

In addition to this involvement with The Prodigy, Dugdale has multiple collaborations with great musicians such as Adele, The Rolling Stones, Coldplay, Ed Sheehan and Paul McCartney, which give this director enough scrolls to bring the story to fruition. from one of the UK’s biggest electronic bands of the 90s.

« The movie will be as wild as the band, » Dugdale told Billboard about the new project. “Dark at times, strong changes of pace, it will also be a visual assault, stylistically shocking, contemporary and challenging. We want viewers to leave the cinema as if they had just stepped off a roller coaster. « 

For its part, Pulse Films is also no stranger to the world of music since in addition to producing the popular series Gangs of London, it has also participated in the film Mogul Mowgli (it tells the story of a British-Pakistani rapper who is attacked by a disease ); as well as projects with artists such as Beyonce (Lemonade), LCD Soundystem (Shut Up And Play The Hits), Nick Cave (20,000 Days On Earth) and most recently in the documentary about the Beastie Boys directed by Spike Jonze.

« Our spirit at Pulse Films has always been to tell unique stories about iconic artists in new and disruptive ways, » said Sam Bridger, director of musical films for Pulse Films. « Partnering with The Prodigy and their documentary director Paul Dugdale allows us to continue that tradition and create a film that reflects the heart, imagination and danger of The Prodigy. »

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For those who do not remember The Prodigy, this was a band that, together with other acts such as The Chemical Brothers and Fat Boy Slim, popularized the big beat genre, which, driven by rave culture, reached worldwide popularity in the 90s. Among his hits we can find songs like: « Firestarter » « Breathe, » « Smack My Bitch, » « Omen, » and « Invader Must Die, » among others.

Returning to the film, it will combine archival images, animation and testimonies, a formula that we have already seen in other documentaries and that works quite well. Although the release date has not been announced, it is known that production will begin in the spring of this year, on what promises to be a documentary full of great music and memorable memories.

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