Sheynnis Palacios, Miss World Nicaragua 2020, revealed on her social networks that she has recovered “little by little from the symptoms of the virus that has affected us greatly” to Nicaraguans and worldwide.

The beauty queen revealed in late May that she was in quarantine because she had Covid-19. “At first I thought it was just a cold, something temporary, but as time went by I felt worse, I want to tell him that I have symptoms of Covid-19,” he wrote at the time.

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Now, Palacios says that one of the things that helped her get ahead is that she was informed “very well about the symptoms, stress and how my behavior should be, that is, what to do and what not to do in different situations”, so which was supported by the information provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Miss World Nicaragua 2020 with her pet. THE PRESS / INSTAGRAM

This weekend Sheynnis left her house, “with all the preventive measures”, and expressed that when she reached her destination (El Crucero, Managua) she felt that nature embraced her.

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«The wind ran down my cheeks and I took a deep breath, at that moment I said to myself, how fortunate we are, thank God for the life you give us every morning when we wake up, I will not tire of telling them, let us appreciate the little details that we have in our day to day, “he added.

Sheynnis in El Crucero, Managua. THE PRESS / INSTAGRAM

She ends her message hoping that all her followers are taking their respective preventive measures and are careful to avoid a greater number of contagion, remembering that “health is in our hands.”

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As of Tuesday, the Ministry of Health in Nicaragua reported 349 positive cases of coronavirus, as well as 9 deaths in the last week, for a total of 2,519 cases and 83 deaths. Although independent organizations say the numbers are higher.

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Happy Friday🤍 I hope everyone is taking their steps to prevent COVID-19🤞🏼I have been seeing new cases these days, including people telling their testimonies. I think it is very good that we are informed and taking care of ourselves, but we must also support people who have COVID-19, they will ask themselves, Shey, how? 1) if we know of someone who has COVID-19, we respect their privacy and identity, we do not expose them. These are difficult times for the person and their family, let’s be empathetic! 2) If they know of affected people, we do not refer to them as “victims” or “cases of COVID-19”, but people who have COVID-19 or people who are being treated by COVID-19. Thus we are respecting and supporting people who have COVID-19. Let’s keep taking care of ourselves, praying and remembering that health is in our hands! 👐🏼💙 #sheynnispalacios # covid_19 # lasaludestaennuestrasmanos

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