16.02 / TCM


United States, 1995 (94 minutes). Director: Joel Coen. Performers: Frances McDormand, William H. Macy, Steve Buscemi.

The debts lead the protagonist of this brilliant film to simulate the kidnapping of his own wife in order to collect a succulent ransom that will come out of her parents’ pocket. A surprising story, based on real events, in which the Coen brothers return to the themes that have given them such good results throughout their filmography: greed, lies and crime. Oscar winner Frances McDormand and Steve Buscemi are the protagonists of this production, which was placed among the best in North American cinema of the nineties.

17.28 / Hollywood

‘The cover’

The firm. United States, 1993 (148 minutes). Director: Sydney Pollack. Cast: Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman, Ed Harris.

Sydney Pollack directs this commercial adaptation of John Grisham’s best-selling honesty. A young lawyer (well played by Tom Cruise) tries to do justice, but is involved in a complicated plot of corruption. An attractive film that, despite its length, retains interest until the end.

19.22 / Movistar Comedy

‘Mighty Aphrodite’

Mighty Aphrodite. United States, 1995 (90 minutes). Director: Woody Allen. Performers: Woody Allen, Olympia Dukakis, Mira Sorvino.

After Bullets on Broadway Woody Allen surprised again with this attractive urban comedy, focused on a sports journalist who, in the midst of a marital crisis, decides to look for the mother of the child he adopted years ago. After a few inquiries, he will discover that the boy’s mother is a naive prostitute, a role that earned Mira Sorvino a well-deserved Oscar for best supporting actress. The film is an original comedy about sex and the difficult relationships between parents and children.

19.27 / AMC

‘The hateful eight’

The Hateful Eight. United States, 2015 (190 minutes). Director: Quentin Tarantino. Performers: Samuel L. Jackson, Kurt Russell.

In his eighth film, Quentin Tarantino makes a passionate and violent western thriller. A wild portrait of the worst of the human being, of racism and unleashed violence that featured, among other benefits, some dialogues in the purest style of the filmmaker and an outstanding staging.

19.50 / The 2

New season of ‘Attention works!’

This afternoon, Attention works! ‘ premieres its ninth season with actress Candela Peña as the main character. After premiering this summer La Boda de Rosa, by Icíar Bollaín, he returns to the big screen next week with Raúl Arévalo with Black Beach, directed by Esteban Crespo. Peña also participates in Salir del closetro, Ángeles Reiné’s debut film that hit theaters on September 11. Cayetana Guillén Cuervo will speak with Candela Peña about these three premieres. Also, andhe program will walk through Tabacalera Espacio Promoción del Arte, in Madrid, to enjoy Visit Spain, the exhibition of Ramón Masats, one of the best photographers who has managed to capture the topics of our country with his lens. He will do so accompanied by Masats himself and the exhibition’s curator, Chema Conesa.

21.45 / Antenna 3

‘El hormiguero’ receives Los Javis

This Thursday, El hormiguero puts the finishing touch to the week with the visit of three of the best-known faces of the big and small screen, the directors Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo (Los Javis) and the actress Paca La Piraña. The three will tell the secrets of the filming of their series Veneno, the third episode of which arrives at Atresplayer PREMIUM on the 20th of and this night in Spanish cinemas.

22.00 / 0 #

Fear, a paralyzing feeling

What is fear? What reactions does it provoke? Who benefits from fear? The COVID-19 pandemic has been a shock that has filled the present with uncertainties, doubts, sadness and fear. And although it is an inherent sensation to the human being, fear has paralyzed, blocked and gripped the entire society as a whole. Jon Sistiaga travels to the epicenter of this anthropological upheaval with Fear, a two-episode documentary program in which he will speak to people who since March have faced, struggled, succumbed or (even) ignored fear. Darkness and Light are the names of the two episodes, the darkness of fear that has gripped all members of society and the light at the end of a tunnel from which one can only overcome fears. Darkness and light as if they were the two sides of the same coin, that of fear.

22.00 / COSMO

More scandals in ‘Flack’

Second chapter of the second season of Flack, the series starring Anna Paquin. Now, Robyn, Eva and Melody must protect the reputation of a celebrity couple after, after having a baby, Kadell James, a popular basketball player claims that the newborn is not his, which could be true. Robyn, meanwhile, has discovered that she is pregnant and has mixed feelings. The marriage wanted children, but everything seemed lost. Now she wonders if she could be a good mother.

22.00 / Telecinco

Special ‘Covid Report with Iker Jiménez’

Telecinco offers tonight the Covid Report with Iker Jiménez, a new fourth millennium special on the coronavirus with minors as the center of analysis. Medical experts such as pediatricians Fernando García-Sala, president of the Spanish Society of Out-of-hospital Pediatrics and Primary Care (SEPEAP) and Fernando Uribarri, a physician at the San Rafael Hospital in Madrid with almost 30 years in the practice of his profession; Dr. César Carballo, assistant physician in the Emergency Service at the Ramón y Cajal Hospital in Madrid; and the forensic psychiatrist José Miguel Gaona, will accompany Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter in this special in which they will discuss the incidence of the coronavirus in children and the possible evidence on whether they are super contagious, if they maintain more time to eliminate the viral load, if they can test positive and present antibodies at the same time or if going back to school is safe, among other issues.

22.00 / Movistar Series

‘Alex Rider’, one more teenager, an extraordinary spy

The Alex Rider series is here, starring Otto Farrant (The White Queen, War and Peace) and based on the books by Anthony Horowitz. The protagonist is an orphan teenager living in London with his uncle Ian. Alex goes to high school every day, hangs out with his best friend, Tom, and attends parties where he tries to fit in, have fun and not make a fool of himself by flirting with the girl he likes. A teenager like any other if it were not because he is much smarter than normal, questions everything and has a surprising ability to climb walls, chase cars with his bike or sneak into school to retrieve his friend’s cell phone. But there is something that Alex does not quite fit. A series of incidents leads him to suspect that his uncle is not who he claims to be and Alex unexpectedly encounters a completely different reality than what he had known: all his life he has been preparing, without knowing it, to become a spy. .

22.10 / The 1

‘The hostage’

Beirut United States, 2018 (109 minutes). Director: Brad Anderson. Cast: Jon Hamm, Rosamund Pike, Mark Pellegrino.

After five years dedicated to television, Brad Anderson returns to the cinema to direct this balanced and tense intrigue written by Tony Gilroy (the Bourne saga) and which takes place in a war-torn Beirut. An ex-American diplomat with a mission that only he can fulfill and who is brought to life by a Jon Hamm who rises to his character in Mad Men moves there. A complex and tense story.

22.10 / AMC

Second season of ‘Das Boot: The Submarine’

AMC premieres the second season Das Boot: The Submarine, a sequel to Wolfgang Petersen’s mythical film that in 1981 adapted the Lothar-Günther Buchheim bestseller. In these installments, the new commander of U-612, Wrangler is on a mission to hunt down a possible defector. Meanwhile, former Captain Hoffman finds asylum in New York with Sam Greenwood where he meets a German lawyer who could help him clear his name. In La Rochelle, Simone and her roommate Margot fight to help a Jewish family escape, but the Gestapo chief seems to have a sense of their plans.

22.45 / Antenna 3

More lies in front of ‘The fence’

Second chapter of La valla, a series created by Daniel Écija and starring Olivia Molina, Unax Ugalde and Ángela Molina, which in its premiere last week was proclaimed leader of the night with 2,002,000 viewers (15.4% share). In this installment, titled My sister Sara, Julia decides to stay, even if she puts her life at risk. Her mother has got her and Hugo a job in sector 1, as servants in a minister’s house. Julia is forced to change her appearance to resemble her sister Sara as much as possible. With this employment contract they believe that the girl is going to be returned to them. But Marta has been taken to a medical center where she experiments with children. The director of this center is Alma, the same woman who has hired them at her home.

22.55 / TNT


United States, 1998 (150 minutes). Director: Michael Bay. Performers: Bruce Willis, Ben Affleck, Liv Tyler, Billy Bob Thornton.

Faced with the threat of a collision between a gigantic meteorite and the Earth, a group of oil drillers, rude men and far from any type of discipline, have to join the ranks of NASA to participate in a space mission that will save humanity . With such a premise begins this attractive catastrophic intrigue directed, with great skill, by Michael Bay (Two Rebel Policemen and The Rock), and starring the box office agent Bruce Willis. From the same year and plot as the film directed by Mimi Leder Deep Impact, but focusing more on the human aspect of the protagonists. Of course, its special effects are really outstanding.

22.55 / Four

Finish ‘Guess what I’m doing tonight’

The last installment of the season of Guess what I’m doing tonight will have as VIP guests the members of the Camela duo: Ángeles and Dioni. Ángeles will compete with Ana Isabel, a fruit company from Granada who will fight for victory to defray the cost of an orthodontic. For her part, Dioni will advise Ainoa, a tattoo artist and graphic designer from Tarragona who wants to open her own business and help her family financially. In this edition, in addition, the presenter Tania Llasera will act on the stage of the contest as a VIP talent

23.00 / Telecinco

New realities in ‘Mothers’

Second chapter of Mothers, the hospital series starring Belén Rueda, Aida Folch and Rosario Pardo. In this installment, Andy and Elsa will have to face a new situation in the hospital. Also, the girl will visit the young man in his room and they will talk about life and love. For her part, Marian’s commitment as a mother is stronger than any other for her. Aware that her daughter is going through a very delicate moment, she decides to leave the job she has fought so hard for for years and dedicate herself entirely to caring for Carla.

23.50 / The 1

‘Journey to the center of television’ relives the 70s

This week, Viaje al centro de la tele proposes in Más 70 y pop the best plan to rediscover all those songs that marked a decade. After broadcasting in the previous 70 and pop season, the program once again reviews great artists and seventies hits, paying special attention and care to the image to be able to enjoy it with the best possible quality. Baccara, Camilo Sesto, Dire Straits, Donna Summer, Formula V, Pink Floid, Jeanette, los Pecos, Peret, Rocío Jurado or Tequila are some of the more than 100 singers and groups that left their mark on an unrepeatable decade, with songs that they are already part of the collective memory.

0.05 / Movistar Drama

‘The shadow of power’

State of Play. United States, 2009 (122 minutes). Director: Kevin Macdonald. Performers: Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck.

The director of The Last King of Scotland, Kevin Macdonald, adapts the interesting BBC series of the same name for the big screen. And it does so with a balanced roster led by Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck and a pleasant and necessary flavor of film noir to enter the world of political corruption and journalistic investigation.

1.07 / TCM

‘The rear window’

Rear Window. United States, 1954 (106 minutes). Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Cast: James Stewart, Grace Kelly, Thelma Ritter.

One of Hitchcock’s most famous films, based on the homonymous story by William Irish, tells the story of a photographer (James Stewart’s impressive work) who takes advantage of his convalescence due to an accident in which he has broken his leg to spy on the neighborhood with a telephoto lens. After becoming familiar with the customs and life of his neighbors, he comes to the conclusion that the mysterious man in the house across the street (Raymond Burr) has murdered his wife. The action is located halfway between the apartment of the protagonist and the courtyard of the buildings. A whole cinematic lesson from the great master.