9.00 / AXN NOW

Season 3 of ‘Mr. Mercedes’

The AXN NOW channel premieres the third and last season of Mr. Mercedes. In this way it is already possible to enjoy the three seasons of this production, based on the Stephen King trilogy that features detective Bill Hodges as the protagonist. Directed by Jack Bender (The Dome, Lost) and adapted for television by executive producer David E. Kelley (The Lawyer, Big Little Lies), in these new chapters, when they discover that the famous writer John Rothstein has been murdered, Hodges, Holly and Jerome, along with the police, begin to search for their killer. But this case is more complex than the cold-blooded murder of an American icon. His unpublished novels, valued at millions of dollars, were stolen from his home. As the case continues, these three protagonists discover that, even though Brady is no longer present, the consequences of his actions endure in the lives of their victims.

15.55 / AXN

Kir Valkyrie ’

United States, 2008 (120 minutes). Director: Bryan Singer. Performers: Tom Cruise, Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Tom Wilkinson.

In the middle of World War II, Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg was able to change the course of history with a conspiracy to eliminate Hitler and end the conflict. The blockbuster Tom Cruise brings this military man to life in a remarkable film based on real events that forged part of his effectiveness in his meticulous setting and the good pace that filmmaker Bryan Singer imposes on all the footage.

17.32 / 0 #

‘The interpreter’

The interpreter. United States, 2005 (122 minutes). Director: Sydney Pollack. Performers: Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn, Catherine Keener.

After six years of retirement, Sydney Pollack went back to camera to perform this correct political thriller shot, for the first time in history, inside the United Nations building. At the head of the cast are two of the best Hollywood actors: Nicole Kidman, giving life to an African-born UN interpreter, and Sean Penn, who steps into the shoes of the agent who must protect her from murderers.

21.55 / Antenna 3

Lolita talks with Pablo Motos

During the week, numerous well-known faces will pass through El hormiguero that will tell how they are carrying out their last days at home. Today, Wednesday, she will connect with Lolita, singer and judge in Tu cara me suena me. This special format will also feature some well-known contributors to the program who will narrate how they are experiencing confinement in their homes. Everything under a premise, keep entertaining the viewer. That is why science will be done from home to entertain the public and various games will be developed that viewers can play from their homes and thus make them more enjoyable these days.

22.00 / the 2

‘Brian’s life’

Life of Brian. United Kingdom (89 minutes). Director: Terry Jones. Performers: Graham Chapman, John Cleese, Terry Gilliam.

The Monty Phytons achieved a resounding success here. Smart, funny and somewhat sacrilegious parody that presents the story of Brian, a man who from his birth is confused on many occasions with Jesus Christ himself. Two years on the bill and totally unexpected box office receipts for a provocative and hilarious story that elevated the mythical comedians to stardom.

22.00 / Movistar Action

Ervoir Reservoir dogs ’

United States, 1992 (94 minutes). Director: Quentin Tarantino. Performers: Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, Michael Madsen.

Incredible action-packed production made in Tarantino, which made the debut behind the camera of one of the most controversial and respected directors of recent years, and which served as a prelude to his splendid Pulp fiction. Cult film that, in a brilliant and unusual way, shows all the violence that is contained in the society that we have had to live. Men dressed in black on a really impressive headband.

22.05 / 1

‘Killing Eve’ dismisses season

The Killing Eve series rushes to a heart-stopping season finale. The situation in the Russian prison is complicated for Villanelle, who will use all her weapons to escape and continue enjoying the hunt with Agent Polastri. Meanwhile, Eve discovers that perhaps she is more alone than she believes within MI6 and she no longer knows who she can trust, as she feels the breath of her beloved psycho getting closer and closer. In the first episode of this double installment, ‘I don’t want to be free’, the tension grows and the situation in Moscow intensifies. Eve begins to mistrust everyone and, despite the danger, decides to work on her own to catch Villanelle. The murderer, meanwhile, prepares to go for his next victim. In the second chapter, “God, I’m tired,” Villanelle’s mission is complicated and she has to take drastic measures. Eve discovers something that will lead to a brutal confrontation between the two women. Anything can happen between the unbalanced psychopath and the obsessive spy. The end of the game is near.

22.30 / Neox

Special ‘Modern Family Forever’

Tonight, Neox continues with its Modern Family Forever special with which the channel lives the countdown to say goodbye to the successful series, in its final stretch of broadcasts of the season 11 and final. This Wednesday, the special will be dedicated to the characters of Gloria (Sofía Vergara) and Jay (Ed O’Neill). ‘The incident’, ‘A sleepless night’, ‘The cabin’, ‘The party pooper’, ‘Fulgencio’, ‘Do not press’, ‘Ten years after pressing’, ‘Ten years after’ and ‘Spanking for memories’ will be some of the episodes of the night.

22.40 / Telecinco

‘Come have dinner with me’ says goodbye to its edition

After three dinners that have left no one indifferent, the last evening of the twelfth edition of Come have dinner with me arrives. Gourmet Edition. In this installment, Carmen Borrego will act as a hostess on a night in which she will try to entertain her famous guests. For Carmen, who claims to be the best cook in the entire Campos saga, it will not be an easy night, despite having the help of renowned chef Mario Sandoval. During dinner, Carmen and her guests will try to spend the evening as well as possible, leaving behind the past quarrels. Before knowing the name of the winner of this edition, Payasín will enter the scene, sowing silence in the group.

22.55 / Four

Second installment of ‘Mzungu: Operation Congo’

With the commitment of the community in which the school is going to be built, the three-month countdown begins to carry out the construction work. José Antonio gets down to work and begins the search for workers and materials, in the second installment of Mzungu: Operation Congo. José Antonio soon realizes that his environment is surrounded by dangers: roads full of guerrillas and bandits and exploitations of minerals such as gold and coltan, the mineral of death. Despite the frontal rejection of sinister characters, he enters the mines and discovers extremely harsh situations: internally displaced persons, child soldiers, rape and death.

23.00 / Antenna 3

Corona Coronavirus Special ’with Vicente Vallés

Antena 3 broadcasts Coronavirus Special tonight, an informative program that will analyze the situation of the pandemic and its repercussion in Spain and the rest of the world. The space, presented by Vicente Vallés, will feature testimonies from doctors, researchers, epidemiologists, sociologists, psychologists, economists, and representatives of the Administration, among others, to analyze current events regarding the pandemic.

24.00 / TCM


Frenzy. United Kingdom, 1972 (111 minutes). Director: Alfred Hitchcock. Performers: Jon Finch, Barry Foster, Alec MacCowen, Anna Massey.

The suspense teacher chose an interesting novel by Arthur La Bern for his expected return to British cinema. All the typical elements of his cinema – black humor and the use of short shots – come together in this film classic that focuses his attention on the crimes committed with a tie by a murderous psychopath. Although from the beginning we know who is the material author of the deaths, this detail does not take one iota of emotion and suspense from a perfect film that takes up the theme of the false culprit. Very good.