14.50 / Movistar CineÑ

‘Ay Carmela!’

Spain, 1990 (102 minutes). Director: Carlos Saura. Performers: Carmen Maura, Andrés Pajares, Gabino Diego.

Carlos Saura, based on a play by José Sanchis and in collaboration with the well-known screenwriter Rafael Azcona, proposes a peculiar vision of the Spanish Civil War. The company of shows Carmela and Paulino, Variétés a lo Fino walks their misadventures in this attractive tragicomedy, starring a really splendid Carmen Maura. Very good.

17.30 / Antenna 3

Special ‘See you forever, Old Bridge’

Antena 3’s daily afternoon series The Secret of Old Bridge will come to an end this season after 9 years and more than 2,300 episodes. After announcing that all the episodes broadcast to date can be seen openly on ATRESplayer, the chain is preparing a new action to say goodbye in style to one of its most iconic series. Every Friday, the network will offer the Until Always special, Old Bridge, where viewers will be able to enjoy the most remembered scenes and the unpublished testimony of its protagonists, before learning the outcome of the great mystery that has engulfed fiction since its inception.

22.00 / the 2

‘Death of a cyclist’

Spain, 1955 (80 minutes). Director: Juan Antonio Bardem. Performers: Lucía Bosé, Alberto Closas, Alicia Romay.

The Cannes Critics’ Award guarantees the quality of one of the best films by Juan Antonio Bardem. The story, which starts from a real event, focuses its attention on the prohibited relationship established between a university professor and a married woman. The censorship of the time did not allow Bardem’s script to develop as it should, since neither adultery nor erotic scenes had a place in the cinema of those years. Two excellent actors, Alberto Closas and Lucía Bosé, star in this very interesting work, which contributed to the expansion of Spanish cinema outside the Peninsula.

22.00 / AXN White

‘The curse of the jade scorpion’

The Curse of the Jade Scorpion. United States, 2001 (110 minutes). Director: Woody Allen. Performers: Woody Allen, Helen Hunt, Charlize Theron, Dan Aykroyd.

Once again, Woody Allen, with his classic neuroses and his acid and always particular sense of humor, opened the jar of film essences to shoot this clever comedy, in which he plays an insurance inspector who, after being hypnotized, goes to work under the command of a thief. Along with the New York genius, there are two actresses who once again demonstrate their innate talent: Helen Hunt and Charlize Theron.

22.00 / 0 #


United States, 1995 (170 minutes). Director: Mel Gibson. Performers: Mel Gibson, Sophie Marceau.

Up to five oscars (film, direction, sound effects, makeup and photography) Mel Gibson achieved with this very interesting epic drama that tells the life of Scottish leader William Wallace. A dozen hydraulic horses, 150 royal horses, 300 volunteers from the Irish forces in the reserve, 600 period costumes and an entire armament of arrows, spears and swords were necessary to shape this independence adventure. The film consecrated, after his failed Man Without a Face, Mel Gibson as one of the most popular filmmakers-actors of the moment. Excellent action sequences and brilliant staging for a truly spectacular film. Do not miss it.

22.00 / Telecinco

Tribute to Lucía Bosé in ‘Volverte ver’

Last Monday, actress Lucía Bosé died of a victim of the coronavirus. See you again recovers his last television interview. Transgressive and independent woman, together with Carlos Sobera, she recalled her rise in the seventh art, the great milestones of her life and some of the hardest moments that have marked her future. The former beauty queen in post-war Italy and an actress under the command of renowned filmmakers, she received a surprise that led her to evoke her past and show a very unknown facet.

22.00 / Calle 13

Season 2 of fore La forense ’

Calla 13 premieres the second season of La forense, ABC series based on the well-known books by M.R. Hall and who follows the adventures of Jenny Cooper, a brave, stubborn and vulnerable coroner who tries to get to the bottom of every case to uncover the truth. After the death of her husband, she feels a strong connection to death linked to a secret from her past that only now begins to understand. In these new chapters, the character played by Canadian actress Serinda Swan (Chicago Fire and Ex-Convicts) will premiere a job as a coroner in Toronto, where she will investigate several suspicious deaths.

22.05 / 1

‘King Arthur’

King Arthur. United Kingdom, 2004 (120 minutes). Director: Antoine Fuqua. Performers: Clive Owen, Ioan Gruffudd, Keira Knightly.

Epic odyssey about the adventures of King Arthur. This vision of screenwriter David Franzoni, directed by Antoine Fuqua (Training Day), provides a new approach to this myth (brought to life by Clive Owen) by loading it with historical details and showing a stark, bloody and un-romantic vision of the collapse of the Roman Empire. .

24.00 / 1

‘Warrior No. 13’

The 13th Warrior. United States 1999 (98 minutes). Director: John McTiernan. Interpreters: Antonio Banderas, Diane Venora, Omar Sharif.

With the leading role of Antonio Banderas and direction of the well-known John McTiernan (Jungle of Glass and The Secret of Thomas Crown), this dark and entertaining adventure film adapted from the well-known work of Michael Crichton Corpse Eaters is presented. Fast-paced action scenes and some special effects achieved for a film that departs from the conventionalities of use.

0.06 / TCM

‘2001: a space odyssey‘

2001: A Space Odyssey. United States, 1968 (134 minutes). Director: Stanley Kubrick. Performers: Keir Dullea, Gary Lockwood, William Sylvester.

One of the best Stanley Kubrick films and a complete revolution, both thematic and visual, in the cinema of the time. The film tells the history of humanity through a space journey that goes from the remotest yesterday (the prehominids) to the most distant future (the beginning of the third millennium). Excellent direction and impressive visual strength for one of science fiction’s timeless classics.