Uncertainty, skepticism, illusion, fear. The sensations experienced by tennis players in the weeks before the theoretical resumption of the circuit are a hodgepodge of difficult balance that is influenced by numerous factors. The uncontrolled situation of the coronvirus in the United States can cause a general dispersal of players in the event that the ATP make some decisions. One of the most important would be the one that concerns the ranking. A few days ago we reported on the options that were used in the classification and, depending on which one is chosen, attendance at the tournament of a certain profile of tennis players can be very compromised.

07/01/2020 09:07

We reveal the alternatives proposed by the tennis leaders to organize how they compute the tournaments played in the remainder of 2020.

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“With the situation in the United States, I don’t want to go to US Open 2020. I would like to stay in Europe with my family, where I feel safe. From my point of view, it is dangerous to play tournaments now and what Roland Garros says about playing with the public in the stands does not seem safe to me, “said the Australian. Alexei Popyrin in words collected TheWest, after having participated in the tournament Ultimate Tennis Showdown.

It must be remembered that relations between ATP and ITF were not entirely smooth during this crisis. It is obvious that the New York Grand Slam expects the ranking score to be maintained in their tournament, as otherwise some tennis players could give up competing. “If the ranking is not frozen in any way and the scoring system is not smoothed in any way, I will be forced to go, however much I do not want to, because if we gave up playing we would all lose points and positions in the ATP ranking. We can only wait to see what happens, “said the young Australian tennis player, who reached the third round last year in New York. Alexei Popyrin has been able to give voice to the sentiment of a large number of players.