What to do with an old phone? Exchange it for a better one? Why better not give him a second life? We are not talking about turning it into an alarm clock or a music player, but to transform our old smartphone back into a fully functional phone.

Because our old phone may no longer have the best processor on the market or 12 GB of RAM, but it can still work perfectly. It will not move the heaviest apps and games in the Play Store but… didn’t you expect to do the same with an old phone as with a top of the range, right?

How to give a second life to your old smartphone

One of the greatest experts in repairing all kinds of technological devices is iFixit. It is a web page where mainly there are hundreds of tutorials to repair and modify the most popular technological productsBut they also do guides, product reviews and comparisons like this wireless headphone.

Well, the guys at iFixit published a guide long ago to improve an old smartphone, to make it much faster. And because we are aware that not everyone has enough money to change their smartphone, It never hurts to remember old tricks and tips to get your Android phone working again like the first day.

Turn off all animations

First of all advise disable animations, which will make the phone make the transitions between screens much smoother. To do this we first have to enable the developer options, just by going to the terminal settings and going where the information comes out of our phone. Once there we will press several times on the compilation number until we get a message warning that we have activated the developer options.

Once inside, in addition to many other options, we will find a call Animation Scale. We just have to reduce the figure or just disable it entirely And as if by magic, our terminal will seem much faster than before.

Change launcher

Unfortunately, many older phones, in addition to being somewhat short of specifications, had layers of customization that did no good to the performance of the device. This is the case of Samsung with its old interfaces, but unfortunately not the only company that at that time had such policies.

Luckily in Android we have a multitude of applications and one of the most wonderful and most recommended is Nova Launcher. Nova Launcher makes our smartphone not only have the stock appearance of Android (alternative icons and other types of customization can be installed if you don’t like it), but it also makes the device in question goes much faster, perfect for those terminals with little power.

Nova Launcher is a free app with a PRO version that only costs a few euros and allows us to make many necessary adjustments, so sincerely, it is well worth paying for it.

Uninstall all those apps that you don’t use or are unnecessary

Digital Diogenes syndrome. This is the name of the hobby that we mobile phone users have to install all the possible apps in the memory of our smartphone. Apps that we have possibly only used once but that take up memory and resources in the terminal, weighing down its performance.

We are going to do an exercise in sincerity with each of the applications that we have installed, how long has it been since I used this app? Am I going to use it again? If the answer is no, uninstall. The same with apps that are unnecessary and consume many resources such as official Facebook. Better log on to the web or use the Lite version.

If all of the above fails … to factory reset!

In the event that all of the above is insufficient and our mobile terminal continues to be slower than the bad horse, we only have the option to reset the phone to factory settings. This will make our device back to be like the first day and in the event that it had an error, it will eliminate it.

Of course we only recommend this option as a last measure and especially after making a backup of all our data, documents and photographs. If you won’t regret it.

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