What to do if you receive a bank transfer by mistake

Have you ever received a bank transfer to your account by mistake? Although this situation may not be so common, it can happen to anyone at some point. So if one day you wake up and have more money in your account, we tell you what to do.

The first thing is to be aware that you should not make use of these resources, no matter how much temptation you have, since in some cases it could be counterproductive and even, if it is proven that it was a mistake, you will have to return that money.

This should be done if you receive a bank transfer by mistake. Photo: My Pocket What you should do The first thing is to be clear that it is most likely a mistake since no one gives you gifts or makes bank transfers without a reason. The second step you must take is to contact your bank to report what happened, so that they can make the corresponding inquiries. The executive with whom you speak will ask you not to make use of these resources, this to avoid any legal problems for clients. Depending on where you are, the laws are different, but in general they all conclude that this money must be returned. In some cases, banking institutions can help the clients who made the transfer to recover those resources, but they cannot force the person who received that money to return it, this because it is not certain whether it is a fraud.

In these cases, it is advisable to show empathy for the person who made the wrong transfer and for the person who did not receive it and to do everything possible so that those resources reach who they should be.

What to do if you made a transfer to another account

On the other hand, it could also happen that you make a bank transfer to another account, the first thing you should do is contact your bank so that the pertinent investigation can be started and you can get those resources back.

One of the advantages of both cases is that the bank may not reveal the identity of its clients and the availability to help them solve it, but it is not obliged to have those resources returned to whoever they should be.

As an advice, before making the return of the resources of an erroneous transfer, we recommend you contact your bank as it could be a fraud. The most advisable thing is to let the banking institution take care of everything you need.

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