Intensifying the lights of your car may be easier than you imagine, you only have to corroborate some details that we mention here to always be ready to drive in low visibility situations

One of the most important elements in cars and that perhaps does not have the relevance that it should, are the headlights of the car. Its importance is so great that even driving with a fault in one of the lighthouses can become a reason for a traffic ticket.

The aim of the headlights in the car is, of course, to help us illuminate the road in poor visibility conditions or at night, however, they also allow us to be seen by other drivers as a red flag.

That is why we must always maintain the condition of the vehicle’s headlights in optimal conditions, check that they illuminate correctly, and above all, that they are activated correctly when we wish. According to the portal Actualidad Motor, these are some of the most common failures presented in car headlights and how you should approach them to correct them.

. Headlights shine poorly

If the headlights are poorly lit or have low light intensity, there may be several reasons. The headlights may have been partially opaque, the bulbs may be slightly burned out, the headlight height adjustment may be incorrect, or we may even have a wrongly placed bulb.

A good adjustment of the height of the headlights in your car will also allow you to have better vision when driving.

. Opaque headlights

When the headlights become opaque, the headlight illumination decreases. The plastic deteriorates with the passage of time and the various environmental conditions, creating a layer that reduces the lighting capacity, as it is as if we were putting a filter.

To fix it, you have to remove that layer so that the plastic is completely transparent again. You can help yourself with professional products that help polish the headlights and leave them practically like new. Here we leave you a section dedicated to it.

. Burnt or blackened light bulb

Poor lighting may also be due to the bulb being somewhat burned out. Depending on the design of the lighthouse, it will be possible to appreciate this condition without having to remove it. If this is the case, we will see that the exterior glass of the bulb is blackened, as if it had burned. With the passage of time and use, there are occasions when it occurs and although the light bulb is not completely burnt out, the dark of the glass minimizes lighting.

The solution is to change the bulb for a high quality one that lasts for an adequate period of time to avoid constant change.

Poor headlight height adjustment

The headlights that are not LED or of Xenon They normally have manual height adjustment from inside the vehicle. Through a roulette wheel located on the dashboard and to the left of the steering wheel, we have three or four levels of height. This system is used to regulate the lighting height according to the load. When the vehicle is not so heavily loaded, it must be in position “0”. Adjusting the height depending on the load will help to have better lighting.

Another more laborious method is the mechanism itself to adjust the height from the headlight, however, this must be done in a workshop with a specific device to prevent the headlight from pointing too low or, on the contrary, from illuminating too much stop and dazzle other drivers.


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