What to consider if you buy a dog from a breeder

When it comes to getting a purebred dog you have two options, or adopt it, because yes, in animal shelters there are also purebred dogs waiting for a second chance (even there are specialized shelters for certain breeds) or buy it from a breeder. It is true that in the shelters most of the dogs that exist are mongrels, that must also be taken into account.

If you have decided on the option of the kennel, there are some aspects that we recommend you contemplate so that the puppy that you take home does not have any problem or you are, with your purchase, promoting the bad practices of certain breeders who even having a license treat animals as objects of production.

The breeder you go to must be a qualified and certified professional pay attention to both the specimens that breed and the puppies that are born. Before choosing the breeder, we recommend you go slowly and take time to search, compare, as well as ask a veterinarian for advice.

When you are clear from which breeder you are going to buy, come to his facilities to meet him, both him and the dogs. Take a look at the area where the animals stay. It must be clean, spacious, have a good temperature and, needless to say, have water.

It is very important that the breeder I taught you the puppies. In fact, if he is a good professional it is not that he has no problem showing them to you, but that he will be proud. At this point, you should make sure that the animals have a good coat, are not underweight, are active, curious, open, happy … the opposite is not a good sign.

Vital is also that I leave you see mother of the creature. Look at his appearance and important, stop and take a good look at his relationship with the puppy, if he is interested in the little one, if he takes him away from his side or the opposite … The reason is that some illegal sellers know the trick and teach another bitch, not the one that has given birth. You should also observe the breeder’s relationship with the bitch. Ideally, be friendly. One last related issue, the puppy should not be separated from the mother before two months of age.

It is a good sign that the breeder puts some “requirements” when it comes to selling you the puppy. That is, he will be interested in whether you have enough space for him, whether you will be able to dedicate the time he requires, what the family in which you live is like, your future plans, etc. This shows that you care about your animals and want the best for them.

To be a breeder you must have a zoo nucleus. We are talking about a permit that is granted to breeding centers, dog residences, training centers, etc., which is mandatory to work with animals. In the case of breeding, the one you must have is the zoological breeding nucleus. This is not optional.

As an economic activity, it must have a activity license you are exercising issued by the city council. When you buy an animal legally, you must sign a purchase-sale contract in which the name of the parents and their LOE (identification number of the dog within the genealogical tree of the Spanish Origin Book), the LOE of the puppy, its sex, the amount to be paid, as well as the name and ID of the buyer and seller.

Take a good look at the clause referring to infectious diseases. A good breeder will not deliver sick puppies, but just in case. If this happens, they will have to bear the veterinary expenses that are derived or if the animal dies, they will return the money. A good breeder will not breed with a sick animal or a carrier of any congenital disease. such as dysplasia. It is a plus that you deliver a certificate stating that the animal is free of this or that disease.

You should also receive a invoice. The latter must be issued in the name of the breeding center where we have acquired the puppy.

And finally, be suspicious if the dog that the breeder sells is very cheap. Paying up to € 1000 is normal, well below this price is suspicious. If you are buying a dog, please do not encourage illegal breeding.

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