“What time have we invited her?

Vicky Luengo visited ‘La Resistencia’ on January 13 to promote her new miniseries, ‘Anti-riot’ and a play. Once again, David Broncano’s interview was one of the most peculiar and original where The guest went on to explain what were the filters she had when choosing a partner: « Don’t have spelling mistakes or mouths »said the actress, but noted that « with Filomena and the pandemic we are not there to put many conditions. »

David Broncano and Vicky Luengo in ‘The resistance’

On the other hand, Luengo explained that he knew how to speak French because he learned it to shoot a movie, where he also had to dance flamenco. Broncano came up with an idea, for her to say a phrase in the language looking at the camera while he left behind the sofa like a bailaor. However, the poor coordination of the joke made the presenter regret having invited Luengo: « Holy Virgin, what time have we invited you? Say the phrase in French, I’ll go out dancing and we take off this that doesn’t make any sense. I’m having a worse time than you « , launched the host of ‘The resistance’.

The complicity between the guest and the presenter was noticed from the first moment and it was not the first time they spoke. Luengo revealed that a few years ago they spent an afternoon together with a friend: « We have a mutual friend and the three of us had coffee. You were on a crutch, and we went into a bookstore to see climbing books ». When the actress explained her encounter a little more, it was when Broncano remembered it: « I remember everything, we went to the Desnivel bookstore because I was going to buy a climbing book in Alaska, I was lame because I fell while climbing! ».

The joke to Álex García

Vicky Luengo took advantage of her time at ‘La Resistencia’ to talk about the interview they did with her partner from ‘Anti-riot’, Álex García. The interpreter left somewhat annoyed from the space presented by David Broncano and later he was invited again to calm the waters: « I didn’t like how you treated him. I was sorry. It seemed to me that you invited him again« , said the actress. The host of the Movistar + space explained that he made » a joke of massive destruction, because comedians sometimes get hot in the mouth « : He was upset. But the joke was funny« Broncano joked.