The national mourning has been approved by the Council of Ministers this Tuesday. This decree supposes the commemoration by the population of a country with the aim of signifying the death or funeral of one or more people. A recognition to the victims, in this case to those who died from the coronavirus. One of the worst pandemics in history that have affected the entire world unevenly. Spain has been one of the most punished countries in terms of the deceased.

How national mourning will be applied

National mourning for those who died as a result of the coronavirus will last 10 days. After more than 2 months of alarm, with restrictions on the number of companions in the wake, this gesture represents that the entire country will be able to say goodbye to those people who died from this harsh disease.

The flags of public buildings and navy ships will fly at half-staff. In public offices where there is a flag, you must wear a crepe that indicates that you are in a situation of national mourning. It is a pyramidal act, that is, the rest of the flags that accompany the Spanish will also be placed at the same height, showing the same respect for the deceased as the national one.

Pedro Sánchez announced that to this national mourning a posthumous tribute will be added. An act in memory of all the victims that will be chaired by the head of state. There is no date for this recognition, but it will be widely expected by family and friends of the victims. This will fulfill a claim to the Government that unifies all sensibilities and represents a deserved recognition to those people who could not say goodbye to their own. The whole country will be in mourning in memory of the souls who left during these difficult months.