Since this week, the Government, through the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, has been delivering the Universal voucher s / 760 soles, a subsidy that will allow expanding the universe of families benefited by a payment, in the midst of the crisis generated by COVID-19. To know if you are part of the first register, you only have to enter the website enabled by the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, here you will not only find if you were considered for the payment of 760 soles, but they will also indicate which of the five payment methods correspond to you. Remember that households that have benefited from any of the subsidies provided by the state of emergency, will not be included, such as the ‘I stay at home’, Independent or Rural Bonds. We go with all the details of the case, as well as the due information.

In case the beneficiary registry has not been accessed, the Minister of Midis, Ariela Luna, indicated that “the population has 10 days to register and thus be able to make the last pattern that will allow us [atender] to the whole country. ” The portal is called National Registry of Homes (, where you can enter your request to be included in the payment of the Universal bonus of 760 soles.

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Steps to register

First, it is necessary to know if it appears in the list of beneficiaries. For this you must enter, where they must enter the number and date of issue of their DNI. If it has been included, we will proceed to know what payment method was assigned to it.

Enter the web!/ or in THIS LINKPut your DNI number and the date of issue of it Click on “I am not a robot” Click on continue Ready Universal Family Bonus and National Registry of Homes: enter by link and register

Payment methods

As a lesson learned from the other bonds, the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion, with the help of Ministry of Economy and Finance, evaluated the most appropriate payment methods for the delivery of the 760 soles in a single armada. In addition, taking into account the list of families that are part of the State’s social programs, a fifth modality was added, which is the same one applied to the Rural Bonus. Get to know each one of them here.

1. Deposit into account

Within the list of beneficiaries, there are families that are registered in the financial system, having a bank account. For them, the State will make a deposit of 760 soles to their accounts, so that they can withdraw them in one fell swoop or in parts, but in the financial institution to which they belong. You can also collect money in the Multired ATM network of the National bank.

2. Interbank Tunki Wallet

In case you have an account at Interbank, the withdrawal of this bonus can be done from Globalnet ATMs. You just need to download the application to learn more about it. You can also get information on the website

3. Mobile banking

For this, the beneficiary must complete the forms with the full name, date and place of birth, telephone number and operator to which it belongs. Then, a text message will arrive to the registered cell phone where you will have to enter the code sent to validate your number. You can optionally register an email.

You will be able to create your national key and you will have had a successful registration. Soon you will receive a text message with an ENTRY KEY to the cell phone of the National bankWhen entering the cellular banking with the assigned class you will be able to generate your 5 digit code that will allow you to withdraw the monetary subsidy. Your withdrawal key will be valid for 48 hours and you can use it in any of the Multired ATMs of Banco de la Nación.

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4. Turn window

To use this modality, you must choose the closest region, province and district to collect the subsidy of 760 soles, in addition to the assigned bank agency and the day that suits you. For more information you can call 101 or enter

5. Securities Transport Companies (ETV)

This method is also used for those who receive the Rural Bonus. The Universal bonus of 760 soles It will be delivered through EMPRESAS vehicles SECURITIES TRANSPORTERS (ETV), as the Midis periodically uses it to pay the economic subsidies of other social programs.

Family Household Registry

The Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion (Midis) prepared the list of beneficiaries hand in hand with the Household Targeting System and the Ministry of Labor and Employment Promotion, as well as with the data collected in the last national census. However, for all those who need this bonus, after running out of income due to the state of emergency, they will also be able to access.

“Failure to access the Universal Family Bonus, you must enter the platform of the National Registry of Homes ( of Reniec to validate, complement or update the information of the members of your household, and thus verify if you comply with the aforementioned conditions to access the universal family bonus, ”the statement from the Midis.



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