Knowing how to act correctly is very important to help those who need it

Staying calm, turning the person on their side and avoiding immobilization, are some of the advice of the Andalusian Epilepsy Association on how to react at the time of an attack.

Those who suffer from epilepsy They can have sudden attacks anywhere, anytime, which could put their physical integrity at risk. So it is necessary that we know what to do when someone suffers one of these attacks. Here we will talk a little about this topic.

What to do during the crisis

First, calm must be keeped. This is essential to be able to carry out the rest of the procedure and help those who suffer the crisis. Tense or nervous acting can cause more problems.

Then, remove or move away any dangerous object, like furniture, sharp objects and others. It is necessary to put something comfortable and soft to prevent the person from hitting the head on the ground.

Then we must loosen clothing around the neck, like the tie or unbuttoning the shirt. The person must be put to the side. In this way you can make breathing easier. We have to pay attention to the duration of the crisis, which lasts an average of 3 minutes.

The person will gradually recover, so it is important that we are there during this process to help him. You have to let him fully recover and check that he is fine.

What should not be done

One of the things that we should not do is try to immobilize the person during the crisis. You also do not have to put any object in the mouth to immobilize the tongue, this could be counterproductive.

It is also not necessary to give mouth-to-mouth breathing, unless the person has difficulty breathing after the seizure has passed.

Because it is a disease Well known, people with epilepsy have their prescribed medication. Therefore, any other medication that is given should be done in the event that the crisis continues. Further, must be provided by a doctor, only when he deems it necessary.

By taking these recommendations into account, we will be able to help people suffering from this problem; And if someone at home suffers from it, it is important to memorize them and provide all the help that is possible.