Dallas Mavericks has managed in recent years to become one of the teams to beat in the Western Conference. With the addition of Luka Doncic in the 2018 Draft and the signing of Kristaps Porzingis via transfer in the 2019 winter market, the Texan franchise is very close to being one of the main candidates to fight for the ring in the near future.

However, the squad led by coach Rick Carlisle still needs to go one step further to become a contender, and the way in which the Mavs’ board acts in the game will largely depend on it. Free Agency Of October.

Some rumors have been pointing in recent weeks to Spain, specifically to Real Madrid. Dallas would be trying to get the signing of point guard Facundo Campazzo to accompany Doncic in the back-court during games.

This fixation by the Argentine base shows that the objective is to either get a base and that Luka Doncic play as an escort, or an escort and keep the Slovenian chief of operations on the field.

In the event of not finally signing Campazzo due to the complications that may occur when terminating his contract with Real Madrid, the best options for Dallas Mavericks in Free Agency could be:

– Bogdan Bogdanovic, shooting guard (restricted free agent, they would have to overstretch for him and get rid of some high contract in the transfer market).

– Goran Dragic, base (free agent without restrictions).

– Fred VanVleet, base (free agent without restrictions, although to face the VanVleet contract the franchise would have to get rid of high contracts within its staff).

– Reggie Jackson, base (free agent without restrictions).

– Bryn Forbes, base (free agent without restrictions).