what Serena Williams told him and the Yankee’s singular lecture

This Wednesday there was a before and after in the life of Nadia Podoroska. The 24-year-old Rosario beat the mythical Serena Williams 7-6 (6) and 7-5, who despite not playing since the start of this 2021 is the eighth best player in the WTA ranking. In this way, Argentina beat the 23-time Grand Slams champion in two sets and he got into the knockout stages of the Masters 1000 in Rome.

What did Podoroska say after his victory?

“In these games you give your best. I play looser against the great players. I can’t skimp too much. I don’t want to keep anything. These games show me that I’m at the level. I knew that Serena hadn’t been playing from Australia and I could tell the lack of rhythm. I wanted to play solid, but at the same time without letting him take the initiative, “said the Argentine player.

Also, the world number 44 recounted the exchange of words she had with Serena: “At the beginning of the game there were some glances with Serena. I like to look the rival in the eye, but not in words. When she finished I told her that it was an honor to play against her and she congratulated me on the game and nothing more ”.

Finally, the Little one spoke of the great season that he lived last year and stressed the importance of those who accompany her every day, especially to manage communication: “I think last year’s exhibition with my team we handled it quite well. Luckily, I am not on the phone for a long time. When I’m in competition I try to put it aside and focus on the tournament. Obviously I already have much more experience with the press, the media and the responsibilities of playing tennis, in that sense I feel more comfortable. I have a team that supports me a lot and I can delegate a lot of that to them ”.

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What did Serena say?

The note after the game was given by Williams at a press conference. The American was asked about her opponent’s game and she replied very curtly: “It is clear that he played a good game, obviously. It was very consistent “. After those words, the former number one stopped and faced with an awkward silence, the tournament press coordinator took the post and said: “Well … next question.”

On her return to the courts, after her loss to Naomi Osaka in the semis of the Australian Open in January this year and her break of almost three months, the youngest of the Williams declared: “It’s very good to play a game again and I think it will be a matter of time to get back to my level because work is never in vain. I’m going to talk to my team and we’ll make decisions because maybe I need to play another game before going to Paris. “

On Tuesday, in the conference prior to the meeting with Nadia, Williams had spoken about the great present of Argentina and expressed: “She (Podoroska) knows how to play. She does it very hard, I saw her earlier today. Everyone prepares to play against the Top 10 ″, although a little later she clarified: “If I’m in the Top 10, I’ll be ready. I am? I don’t even know where I am. In some place”.

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The important thing is that the good ones continue for the Peque. Despite not winning two games in a row since the beginning of February before the Australian Open, he returned to victory and continues to make history.

Now Rosario will have to face Petra Martić, number 25 of the ranking, this Thursday from 6.15 in the morning.


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