What saint is celebrated today, Sunday, April 4?

On April 4, 2021, Resurrection Sunday is celebrated, one of the days that is part of Holy Week, a religious festival with great tradition in Spain, But this year it is again marked by restrictions in the context of the pandemic.

In addition, this day also commemorates Saint Isidro, Bishop of Seville and Doctor of the Church: “Isidro is the last of the Latin Fathers and the first bishop of Seville in the 7th century. He is a widely read author in the Middle Ages. His encyclopedic work constitutes the main reference point of knowledge at that time. For this reason he is considers himself a teacher for Europe “, they indicate from the news portal of the Vatican Headquarters, Vatican News.

It is also the day of Saint Benedict the Moor, who was born near Messina in 1524: “Because of the color of his skin Benito was nicknamed ‘the Holy Moro’. After the dissolution of the hermit community of Monte Pellegrino, he entered that of the Friars Minor, where he was a cook and teacher of novices “, explains his review.

In addition to these two saints, the Roman Martyrology includes other saints on April 4, such as Saint Agatopodo, Saint Ambrose, Saint Plato, Saint Benedict Massarari, among others.